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Hello, thank you for your interest in an advertisement on my sites. Not a random ad, but it feels more like a sponsor for my online sites and work. I look forward to having a partnership with you.

All my visitors spend on average more than 3.50 minutes on a page of and also my Dutch version; On average, each visitor reads/views 2.7 pages per session. In April 2019, I had a page view of more than 100,000. July, August, and January are the top months with many more visitors.

Traffic that is looking for:

  • Hotels & Accommodation
  • Activities in Venice
  • Transfers from the Airport
  • Parking places
  • Tours and Holidays in Venice

I have the advertising solutions below ready for you. This involves advertising on both and This way, you have a full range. If you only want the English website? That is, of course also possible. Then I keep it simple. Then all the shown prices are allowed in half.

Advertise via Text Links

Advertise on Venice InformationA lot of Traffic in Venice and on my website

On average, I use EUR 0.95 per click on a text link. Depending on the keyword or advertiser, I can guarantee you many clicks per month.

With my Dutch website and international site, I have a range of at least 100,000 page views per month and at least 40,000 unique visitors. If it is more suitable for you to agree on a fixed monthly fee, I will prepare a quotation based on your preferences.

I can integrate text links in my content or place them in the left column. An advertiser who offers a higher fixed price is, of course, this advertiser will be at the top or has the best ad place.

You can choose the Pay-Per-Click variant. Then let me know with which keyword you want to advertise and on which page. I will make the right price, and I will contact you shortly.

Prefer a fixed amount? We can agree on a monthly fee. It is an excellent way of working together because the administration costs and time spent are low. I will make the right price. Remember that my websites are still growing month after month. So get in and sell more!

Another form is ...

...Banners & Displays in various sizes

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The most common sizes are ...

Full banner 468x60

Skyscraper Banner 120x600 or 160x600 (only possible in the left column under my menu)

Display 120x120 or 225x150

The advertising prices for banners and buttons are the same as for the Text links with an increase of 15%. This increase is because I don't like banners on my site. And I am sure that my visitors agree.

Own Optimized page

One page especially for your hotel, product, or services that we provide together with Text Links that are integrated into the content text. Many internal pages of and have inbound links to this particular page.

Monthly costs: € 99, ​​registration for one year. Remember that my websites are still growing month after month. So get in and receive sales!

Rather prefer the total package? 

Package: Combination of the Above Advertising Solutions

Monthly costs: € 199, sign up for a year.

Keep in mind that:

  • I reserve the right to refuse any advertiser which I don't feel it would fit on my site.
  • At any time, if you are not satisfied, I will refund the balance of the payment and remove the advertisement.
  • Prices are subject to change upon extension.
  • Payment expectations (when / how). I prefer every 3 months. I expect your payment within two weeks

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You have read about how you can advertise through my sites. There is plenty to discover. Discover my site about Venice and receive even more information about this beautiful Italian city.

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