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On this page, I will tell you more about airplane flights to Venice Italy. Well prepared... That's what I had done before I took my trip to Venice. 

Visiting Europe for the first time? Which airlines offer direct flights to Venice? Let me show you all... flights to Venice Italy from the US and the UK

Flights to Venice Italy

I summarized all direct and nonstop flights from the United States and the United Kingdom. Let me explain the direct non-stop flights to Venice Italy.

,,,First, I show you some other useful information before buying a airplane ticket:

1. Compare the price if you fly to Venice. Play with the days of your departure. Choose back and return days and see if it's cheaper to stay an extra day in Venice. But which Airlines fly to Venice Italy?

2: Saving money includes creativity. If your holiday means a trip to Europe, you can take your route to Venice by first visiting other major European City.

In Europe, there are many ways to book cheap flights to Venice. Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Barcelona, or Paris? From these cities, you can book a trip to Venice directly. For example, with KLM  Amsterdam to Venice.

In Europe, cheap flights to Venice Italy is a competitive market. There are many discount fares to this romantic city. Some will just cost EUR 19, -. Flying overseas is a different story. Check on my particular page about a cheap flight to Venice Italy more about the different.  

For visitors who are traveling via Glasgow, I have more information. You might want to know more about the details and how to find the best Glasgow to Venice airfare to arrive at TSF. Best European discount airline companies are Easyjet and Ryanair. It takes time to prepare, but hey… it really looks harder than it seems.

3. You are saving on your budget if you book a flight and accommodation directly in Venice. I will show you about ‘from Rome to Venice’ (Soon). Two romantic cities in one.

flights to Venice Italy

4. For cheap flights to Venice Italy, you have to travel outside favorite seasons. It really is a big difference in your airfare to Venice, Italy.

Venice itself is always magical. Pick your flight between October and April. Venice tourism is at its lowest. Bookings during Christmas and the Venice carnival with this excluded;).

Curious how we arrived in Venice? Check my page from airport to Venice. For information about the bus services, you can also click on this link.

5. Is it getting late? Or only one day left to visit Venice? Don’t worry, there are enough Venice airport hotels.

Some people get confused about which airport they will arrive. Therefore, I always advise to...

...Prepare your Flights to Venice Italy

Why? Because agencies are using two different airports to reach Venice. It depends on which airline you take. 

Are you traveling with a major airline company, like Delta Airlines, British Airways, or American Airlines? Then you will arrive at Marco Polo Airport. I often use KLM for the best airline tickets and rates to this bigger airport. They have direct flights from the Netherlands, comfortable and you save Flying Blue points. 

But are you traveling within Europe from Rome to Venice, or from Glasgow to Venice, you likely will arrive at Treviso Airport (20 miles away from Venice). 

landing Marco Polo Airport VeniceArrival at Marco Polo Airport with my Venice Italy Ticket!

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Let me explain. Because this is helpful... From the Netherlands, I often fly to Venice. I love the two airports in Venice. The cheaper Airport is Treviso Airport (TSF) and is only served by budget airlines, like Ryanair. 

The disadvantage is that you still have to travel more than one hour to arrive in Venice. Your options are taking a shuttle bus, complicated train route (because you first have to get Treviso center) or take a private taxi to Venice Italy.

By saving on the airline ticket, you can use the extra budget for a nice hotel in Venice. Explore Venice on my way, and read more how to get Low prices on Venice Italy Tickets.

Marco Polo Airport (TSF) is a closer location and is served by international airlines. You can travel from the Airport directly with the Allilaguna boat service to Venice, within 15 minutes you are in the center of Venice.

By Rudmer Hoekstra (author):

You could read about Flights to Venice. I have some suggestions, as you see. Please explore my website more and get more information about the different topics.

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