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Venice Italy offers a great dining experience. Enjoy the best Venice restaurants. Not all restaurants are of top quality. And around the touristic areas, it is sometimes better to skip this restaurant because of the high menu prices. So be aware.

Good to know is that around the Rialto there are some good quality restaurants with local and fresh food. Obvious of course because it's next to the fresh market of the Rialto.

Venice Restaurants Italy Spritz!

The lovely fish dishes, pizza, and pasta. Food is essential for Italian - food and drink - or as the Venetian says, "Ombra e Cicchetti." I will tell you about my favorite Venice restaurants and the Top 10 favorite dishes in Venice Italy. 

I made my top 5 eateries in Venice which you can visit with your partner. And you'll notice that the local Venetians eat at these restaurants also. Then it must be good!

And a wise tip from me; it is better to contact or call the restaurant in the morning and ask for a reservation for the evening! Just do it, it's fun. Most speak (poor) English. Do you have any Venice Restaurant Tips? Read or Share Restaurant Review Here >

This is what you need in Venice. Guide me to the...

... Top Favorite Venice Restaurants...

Venice Restaurant Vini da gigio

Nr. 1. Vini da Gigio: This is my winner! Every once in Venice, I try to eat here. It is a small restaurant but with a good reputation. The atmosphere and the food are fantastic!

The menu is changing from time to time, my wife loves Spaghetti with squid ink (black), but it is not always on the menu. Upon entering the owners welcome you with a radiant smile.

And with the wine makes it a perfect combination. Price between EUR 40.00 - 50,00 p.p.. Read about my experience with this Venice Restaurant; Vini da Gigio >

Restaurant Address: Sestiere Cannaregio 3628A - 30121, Cannaregio. Look it up via your smartphone, tablet or the map of Venice!

Venice restaurants Trattoria alla Madonna

Nr. 2. Trattoria alla Madonna: Traditional restaurant with excellent fresh fish. I love anguilla fritta (fried eel), but the risotto as a side dish is also excellent.

You sit here cosily together with little space between the tables. But the operation of the senior waiters is top! Many tourists, but also to local people know their way to this great restaurant in Venice. Price between EUR 30,00 - 40,00 p.p.. Read all about my experience with this restaurant; Trattoria alla Madonna >

Restaurant Address: Calle della Madonna 594, San Polo. Look it up via your smartphone, tablet or the old map of Venice! It's near the Rialto Bridge.

Venice Restaurants Osteria Da Alberto

Nr. 3. Osteria Da Alberto: Wandering in Venice and wonder where we're going for dinner tonight?

So I walked along this Osteria. Still closed, but there was a queue, a line of 10 people. Then it must be good. I looked it up quickly, and I thought, I want to eat... And what a real Venetian food!

During the day they have chiccheti tapas and delicious dishes in the evening. And the atmosphere of the history of Venice is perfect. And what happened? I could get a table for two, but then we had to leave at 20:00. Spent over half an hour and enjoyed it! Super, at a perfect price from EUR 25,00 - 35,00 p.p...

Restaurant Address: Calle Giacinto Gallina 5401, Cannaregio. Look it up via your smartphone, tablet or a map of Venice!

Nr. 4. Fiaschetteria Toscana: Historic restaurant with a courtyard and delicious food. Their dish with lobster is my favorite. 

Venice Restaurants Traghetteria Toscana

The location of the restaurant is near the Rialto Bridge. You walk towards the Cannaregio neighborhood, and it is beyond the department store COIN. A few more steps and the restaurant is on the left. Price EUR 50.00 - 60,00 p.p..

Restaurant Address: Salizada S. Giovanni Grisostomo 5719, Cannaregio. Look it up via your smartphone, tablet or on a map of Venice!

I'm sure you are excited about this top 4 restaurants in Venice. But, maybe you want to have a more easy going...

...Food & Beverage restaurant in Venice

Venice Restaurants Osteria All'Arco

Nr. 5. Osteria All'Arco: Want something authentic? A quick bite, but something very Venetian? Near the Rialto Bridge, you can find Osteria All 'Arco. The snack bar where you can experience the best 'ombra e cicchetti'. Therefore, this Venice Osteria Bar is on my number 5 of the best eating place in Venice Italy. Just for the real Venetian food fans, this restaurant is a must visit to enjoy a meal in this type of bar!

What to eat? Small snacks; For example, little sandwiches with wine or a spritz on the other hand. Often you have to eat while you are standing because there is no seating. Surprise yourself and ask for the chef special! It's not expensive. One wine and a dish are only EUR 5,- p.p..

If the Rialto Market is open, this osteria restaurant is crowded with food-lovers. Every day the ingredients are straight from the local market! 

Restaurant Address: Calle dell'Ochialer 436, San Polo. Look it up via your smartphone, tablet or a map of Venice!

Want to be entertained and get great food in Venice? Then visit a...

...Dinner Show in Venice - Great Experience -

Tickets for Venice Dinner Show

Enjoy a delicious gala dinner with singers, dancers, acrobats, and musicians. Yes, this kind of entertainment has also arrived in Venice!

Its fun and the food is excellent. I didn't visit it yet, but some people recommended it to me. So I hope you like it! 

The restaurant is antique with chandlers and a lot of baroque style furniture. You can drink wine, eat meat, fish or be veggie and with a gorgeous dessert, it is a full program of food and entertainment! 

For a quick bite and a drink is a local bar much more enjoyable. In Venice, they call this an Osteria! Or how about a bar where you can drink a spritz or a wine, and while standing, you are eating Venetian Cicchetti.

Venice Restaurants Pizza

You should not think of a pub as we know it, but a kind of food bar/cafe. A famous American eatery is Venice's Harry's Bar. The price of the drinks and the food is terrible and expensive. It depends on how much service you will get from the waiter.

So be aware when you order. For me, it was not a pleasant experience. The waiters let me and my wife sit downstairs. And you can not look outside. But skim my experience at Harry's BarThis cafe is near the Piazza San Marco at the quayside and the opposite of vaporetto station S. Marco (Vallaresso).

All great information. But when I'm in a restaurant in Venice what is the...

...Top 10 what to Eat in Venice Restaurants?

  1. Carpaccio: Raw beef sliced thin and sprinkled with flakes of Parmesan cheese.
  2. Sarde in Saor: Fried sardines in a sweet and sour mixture of onions, currants and pine nuts.
  3. Antipasto di Frutti di Mare: Seafood platter of octopus, anchovies, shrimp or whatever else is in season.
  4. Prosciutto e Melone: The salty cured Parma ham contrasts the sweetness of wedges of melon.
  5. Risotto di Pesce: Clams, mussels, shrimp and assorted fish in a heavenly creamy rice dish.
  6. Pasta con il Nero di Seppia: Spaghetti combined with a sauce of tomato and cuttlefish.
  7. Fegato alla Veneziana: Calves liver cooked slowly with onions and vinegar.
  8. Grilled Fish: Such as monkfish or swordfish from the south
  9. Grilled Vegetables: Red chicory or courgettes and aubergine and roasted pepperoni.
  10. Tiramisú: Dessert with a creamy egg sauce, mascarpone,  and sponge drenched in coffee or liqueur. 
  11. Spaghetti with cuttlefish: This is squid ink that colors the spaghetti black. Beware you get a black tongue and lips as well.

Venice Restaurants - Saving Tip! - Eating outside Venice

Venice restaurants eating

Why shouldn't you sit at St. Marc Square on a terrace where the orchestra is playing? Of course, this is nice, but you have to pay extra for the band.

And this is often an extra tenner. This excess is on top of the overpriced food and drinks that are too expensive in comparison with my Top 5 Venice restaurants!

Lunchtime for Venice Restaurants is from noon. The restaurants are open during lunch, but mostly the better ones are still closed. Dinner starts around 19:30 and the kitchen is open until 23:59. But because of tourism, a lot of restaurants in Venice serve their guest much earlier. For dessert, the Venetians prefer pudding, fruit or cheese. After the meal, there will be coffee to finish.

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Venice Restaurant Beer

If you are wandering around the streets of Venice, you will encounter many restaurants. Street corners where you will have fast food with an attractive price.

Think of all kinds of pizza slices, salads, and sandwiches. My advice is to try at least one evening in a restaurant which is in my top 5!

Other options are to eat outside of Venice. Especially when your hotel is not in the ancient city, you can always go to the best restaurant at Punta Sabbioni, named ‘Albergo Villa Gentile.’ A great haven for Venice lovers, in my favorite village ‘Ca Savio.’ The location of the village is at the end of Punta Sabbioni in the region Cavallino-Treporti. The place where many campsites are.

Last Tip: A bottle of water can be bought at the St. Mark's Square or near the Rialto Bridge, and you will pay EUR 1.50. While if you buy the same bottle three blocks away, it is EUR 1.20. It's the same with the Venice restaurants. But I'm sure you always will choose right if you eat in one of the restaurants in my top 5!

How to cook the delights of Venetian cuisine by yourself

Have you also enjoyed those delicious authentic dishes from Venice? Order the book and follow the courses of the Italian meal and recipes from the Veneto.

The local Aperol Spritz, of polenta and shrimp, or ravioli with artichoke grilled monkfish, but also classics such as tiramisu, risotto, and bellini. In A Taste of Venice (order now), you will discover the richness of Venetian cuisine. Buon appetito !!

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