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Parking Venice

Get a Parking in Venice? Venice Information will save you money and time. I provide parking tips and others give their personal experience about parking nearby Venice Italy.

Choose the better parking spaces and get the best tips, do's & don't's. In this article, I'll tell you everything you need to know before parking in Venice.

1. What I recommend to you to park in Venice

Did you know that no cars, bicycles, or scooters are allowed in the historic center of Venice? No cars are allowed in Venice. Immediately when you drive into the city, you have to park in Venice in the inside car parks or parking spaces in Tronchettto or Piazzale Roma square.

But there are also other possibilities. For example, parking in Mestre. It is much cheaper there. It can save € 30 per day. Moreover, parking in Venice outside the city is well organized with transport and public transport shuttle services.

Parking in Venice

What is your preference? At the bottom of this page, you can see many tips from other visitors about where they parked their cars!

What do I recommend to get rid of your car? I'll show you all. How cool is it if you go to Venice and can reserve your parking space in advance? With, you can park cheaply in Venice by pre-booking your parking space.

Then you are sure of a spot at your desired location. They are super at their service and have the cheapest spots.

You can park at various places near Venice.

The parking lots close to Venice are at Piazzale Roma, the endpoint before entering Venice. These parking spots are the most comfortable because it is close by. Then you don't have to transfer from the parking space to Venice.

It is more expensive, so it is recommended to read about it first...

2. Cheaper parking areas outside Venice in Mestre

 I'll show you the parking spots outside of Venice here. Of course, you should always take into account transport to Venice. A good option is to look for free parking in Venice. Out of town, but other visitors contributed and shared their own experiences when discovering this free parking spot in Mestre.

But you have the safety of supervision in the following parking spaces:

Parking Fusina

Fusina Venezia Terminal Parking: You can connect to Venice from this car park via a vaporetto line (Fusina - Zattere, a ride costs € 7 and € 12 return). Parking price from € 15.00 per day. Perfect for this park is easily accessible by car next to the A4 motorway. You don't need to go to downtown Mestre. Tip! You can pre-book your parking here >

Parking mestre

SABA stazione di Venezia Mestre: A parking lot near the railway station of Mestre. Drive height 2.05 meters. It is a guarded area where you can park your car from 2 hours up to 24 hours and more.

In this garage, you do not have to leave the car keys. And it is really across the train station. Handy! You can pre-book your parking here >

Marghera - Pili 2000 Park and Green Park Towing Service: Located just before the long bridge Della Libertà (before you enter Venice) on the right. For Campers and motors! Within 5 minutes, you are with an ACTV bus into the historic center. € 4.50 from midnight to the following midnight.

Parking in Venice Mestre at Utility parking Open Air

Venice Utility Park 'Open Air' (Click to have more details about this parking): The address is; Via F, Via Fabio Mutinelli, 6, 30173 Mestre VE. Price per 24 hours will be around EUR 20,-, but their minimum now is 48 hours.

This parking area is close to the highway with a FREE shuttle service to Venice. Despite, that the parking is 7,5 km (4,6 miles) from Venice, with the shuttle transfer you are within 6 minutes in Venice.

Parking in Venice Mestre at Utility parking Undercover

You can also choose to park your car 'Undercover' in a garage at the same location. Prices differ between these options, but both have guarded parking. It is a kind of valet parking, where you have to leave your car keys for security reasons. Later I will tell you more about this.

The parking companies which I show on my site are all trusted, guarded, and they are well insured. One thing is for sure this parking is a lot cheaper than the nearby parking in Venice. You can pre-book your parking here >

Mestre - Stazione Parking (Parcheggio Gregory)

Mestre - Stazione Parking (Parcheggio Gregory): Park your car in front of the Mestre train station. You can choose whether you want to go to Venice by bus (Line 2) or train. Daily: Mon – Fri, Sat-Sun € 8.00 € 12.00. 

I think the Delfino Autorimessa car park is also a good option. It is only a 10-minute walk from the station and is perfect if you are going to catch a train. In addition, this parking lot is entirely guarded. Plus, if you don't like walking, that's fine too! There is a bus station. To reach the station, you need to grab number 15. 

This parking in Mestre is excellent for visiting Venice as this parking is located at the end of Corso del Popolo.

Delfino Parking Mestre

In front of the door is a bus stop where you can take the direct bus that takes you to Venice in just 10 minutes. So don't wait any longer and take advantage of this opportunity to reserve your Delfino Autorimessa parking space, knowing that your car is in good hands.

You probably prefer a parking space close to the entrance of Venice. I will help you to search for the...

3. Nearest parking in Venice

View and read the ins & outs about car parking in Venice and what it costs € to park.

Drive your car over the bridge, and you are in Venice! As soon as you arrive at the lagoon, you must cross the long bridge (Ponte della Libertà). Continue straight ahead, and you will automatically arrive at Piazzale Roma. Towards Piazzale Roma, it is a one-way loop in the form of a circle. Drive slowly, look where you need to be, and stop on time.

Parking Venice on this square gives you direct access (on foot) to the city. The ACTV, ATVO, and Hellovenezia ticket offices are On the quay to take the water bus (vaporetto). Here, for example, you take the boat on the Grand Canal to your hotel or to San Marco Square.

You can park at Piazzale Roma square;

Garage San Marco: Tel. +39 041 5232213, 24-hour rate: € 39.00. You can often get a discount on parking through your booked hotel. And the parking spaces are often full because it is so close to Venice. The maximum headroom of Garage San Marco is 210cm. Continue until Piazzale Roma, and on the right on the square, you drive towards the garage.

Incidentally, if you are going to park here, you have to...

4. Leave the car keys in your car

Parking Venice San Marco

This is the garage where you have to leave the keys 'Garage, San Marco'. This is also directly the most expensive garage and the closest parking in Venice. I parked here once, and I was also surprised when I handed over my keys.

If you ask them why you have to hand over the car key, they will tell you that they can move the car if necessary. Because you will find that this is a garage that is so packed that there is little room to manoeuvre.

Others say they do this to move the car and rent out the free parking spaces for the 2nd time. My experience was excellent and safe. But I understand from many visitors that leaving your car keys behind remains challenging. Especially if you still have luggage in the car, I don't know any annoying messages.

Reserve your San Marco Parking Spot here >

But you can also...

5. Prefer another parking in Venice

Parking 2: Autorimessa Comunale ASM Tel. +39 041 2727211, 24 - hour rate € 26.00. This parking is the most substantial parking garage in Venice. Maximum vehicle height is 220cm. It’s on the right before you reach Piazzale Roma. It is a five-store industrial looking building. The locations of all the car rental companies are on the lower floor.

Despite the building being clearly visible, you are easily distracted by the many impressions when you have just crossed the bridge. So pay attention during Parking in Venice!

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Autopark Doge: Tel. +39 041 5202489, 24 - hour rate € 38.00, € 4.50 per hour, then each hour € 3.50. It’s next to Garage San Marco and below Hotel Doge.

Park S. Andrea: € 6.00 per hour. Just park for a short visit in the open air. It’s just behind all the bus stops. There are a few parking spaces on the square. There is almost no chance you will get a space. It’s too busy. 

Therfore I made my own Parking guide, 'Parking in Venice is Cheap and Efficient.' It makes your car trip and parking stress effortless

If you can't wait...

6. Tronchetto Parking | Book now a parking in Venice Italy


Immediately after crossing the long bridge (Della Libertá) turn right towards the ferry terminals. You will find the parking’s: Garage Venezia Tronchetto:

Tel. +39 041 5207555, 24 - hour rate € 23.00. From the parking lot, take the bus (line 6) or the vaporetto (line 2 ACTV water bus) to the city. It is a large parking near the cruise terminals. To get to Venice, you take the vaporetto boat from the garage. Nice and easy.

Read my article; Tronchetto Parking Reservation: Your Parking Solution to effectively visit Venice. This article is about Tronchetto parking reservation in Venice. 

Start your visit to Venice with ease at Venezia Center Parking Garage on Tronchetto. It is close by and has a top score of 4.6, so you immediately understand why visitors park here.

Scalo Fluvial: Just before crossing the Tronchetto bridge – turn directly right after the roundabout - this is a little parking, € 9.00 per 12 hours. Piazzale Roma is a 7-minute walk.

And if you don't have enough information where to park your car I have...

7. Extra tips to park in Venice

On Piazzale Roma, there is a luggage storage (Deposits Bagagli). The locations of the storage is next to the Pullman Bar. Opening hours: 06:00 to 09:00 (Mon-Sun) € 5.00 per bag per day.

Are you driving a Camper or an RV? Check this info about Parking with the Camper in Venice.

Planning your parking strategy is paramount if you choose to travel to Venice by car. My article Guide to Parking in Venice during the holidays provides a comprehensive guide to finding the best parking options in Venice during a busy season. I also make sure parking with the Camper is possible.

Disabled Venice

At all parking places, there are some free places for the disabled. It is possible to reserve in advance for all parking areas: Tel. +39 041 2727301. Click this link if you want to know how to get around Venice in a wheelchair.

Several places are accessible for disabled people in almost all the parking spaces mentioned. It is possible to book in advance. You don't have to do anything extra for this. On the reservation site, you can see whether or not it is wheelchair friendly. In the message during the reservation, you can say something about this directly to the parking garage.

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Venice Parking in Mestre is free 
Go for a free parking space in Trieste Mestre. Via Trieste, 29, 30175 Venezia VE, (150 places) Bus stop available, to take line 6 to Venice. Pay in …

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