Getting from Airport to Venice. Cheapest way?
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What are the best transfer options, quickest bus, or taxi service from airport to Venice, Italy? Of course, the cheapest way to get from the airport is by bus. But, essential to know is that Venice uses two airports nearby. So named: Treviso Airport and Marco Polo Airport. Which airport is yours? 

In this article, I'll tell you everything you need to know about going from Airport to Venice.


  1. Your first time in Venice, Italy
  2. From Marco Polo Airport to Venice?
  3. Buy a (day) Ticket in advance? 
  4. From Treviso Airport to Venice
  5. Get from airport to the city of Mestre (near Venice)
  6. Getting from Airport to Lido (island near Venice)
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1. Your first time in Venice, Italy

From Airport to Venice Map

You didn't know about the two airports? Or perhaps somebody informed you how to get from the airport to the city's heart? Well, you're in the right place... Welcome. 

I often use both, so continue reading to get the best way to Venice from the airport... And when you are a well-experienced traveler to Venice, contribute to my site at the bottom of this page... 

Are you going for the first time from airport to Venice? Then, read this page and other sections with much information about Venice.

If you fly with a low-budget airline, you probably will arrive at Treviso Airport. Read the section about Treviso Airport (TSF) to Venice. 

Look at this map. Treviso airport is 26 miles (35km) from Venice. Marco Polo airport is much closer.  

How to get...

2. ...From Marco Polo Airport to Venice?

Larger airlines, such as KLM, are using Marco Polo Airport. The airport is 6 miles from Venice. Most travels, I fly to Venice with a KLM flight, with the best service and flight schedule during day time. And quite a few trips are going from Amsterdam. In terms of price, they are around €99 per ticket. Here you can book tickets directly to Venice.

From airport to Venice signs

There is a boat ferry from Marco Polo Airport to Venice. The Alilaguna line is a fast transfer service from airport to Venice. The Alilaguna boat is fun! 10 minutes walk from the terminal to the pier. Direction signs will show you the way, so you don't have to worry about getting lost.  

The Alilaguna boat will have stops at Lido, a stop near the Rialto Bridge, and a stop at St. Mark's Square in Venice. Getting from airport to Venice with this boat service is possible until midnight.

Please be aware that taking the Alilaguna line can be pretty expensive. A return ticket on the Alilaguna boat costs €27, -a single ticket €15 -. Check out the current prices. It takes between 45 and 90 minutes to arrive at most destinations.

From Airport to Venice AlilagunaThis is a small Alilaguna boat to Venice

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The water taxis leave from the same dock where the Alilaguna boats also go. A water taxi to Venice costs between €110- - €250-. A fundamental gap between the prices. You can also book a Taxi to Venice in advance, knowing the price upfront. You will pay the cost per group. 

I did one time another option. A great experience is to share a water taxi for €32- from airport to Venice. With a maximum of eight people and ten suitcases/bags in a Water taxi. You can find this (sharing) departure point at the far left of the quay. A water taxi is the quickest way to get you from the airport to Venice. 

From Airport to Venice BusFront of the Aerobus no. 5 towards Venice

The cheapest way to get from airport to Venice is the bus: Shuttle service with ATVO buses. Click here to buy tickets for the ATVO Bus from Marco Polo airport. 

Every 30 minutes, they drive from the airport via Mestre to Piazzale Roma in Venice. The journey takes 25 minutes and costs about €18- for a return ticket and a one-way ticket €10-. The ticket includes large luggage.

Another cheap bus option. This option is the Aerobus no. 5. ACTV, the public transport carrier around Venice, operates this bus service. Take Aerobus from airport to Venice. Pay attention! Taking large suitcases onto the bus is not allowed. The ticket costs are about €10-.

Aerobus from Airport to veniceThe Aerobus no. 5 from airport to Venice

The 'auto taxi': The fastest and most comfortable solution is an airport taxi to Venice from Marco Polo Airport. You can book these in advance, and the cab will be waiting for you when you arrive. The same applies if you want to visit the UK or the US airport. So make yourself comfortable and start your journey well. In any case, I liked it. But how to book it? I will show you my own domain to reserve a taxi. You will never lose more than the agreed pre-reserved price for the ride. have reliable taxi companies as partners and has cheap taxi deals. 

Okay, you have helpful information about...

3. Buy a (day) Ticket in advance? 

You can buy advance day passes for public transport in and around Venice. Also on the vaporetto boat service in Venice. The card is called a Tourist Travel Card. Check my page about all transportation in Venice > 

The Tourist Travel Card is a day pass allowing you to use public transportation in Venice. In Venice, it gives access to all boats (vaporetto), the tram to Mestre (and vice versa), and most public transport buses from ACTV around Venice. The Tourist Travel Card is also valid on Lido and Mestre, both on the bus and the vaporetto boats.

Be aware. You will be walking a lot in Venice. Especially when your hotel is in Venice, or you will be in Venice only for one day. On the other hand, it is very convenient to have a Tourist Travel Card. 

**You cannot use the Travelcard for the Alilaguna. The Travel Card is not valid on ATVO buses and also not on the ACTV buses to and from the airport.

Tip! Use more than 3 times the Tourist Travel Card, and save on your budget! 

Tourist Travel Card

Buy the Tourist Travel Card online

You cannot use the Travel Card for the Alilaguna boat and the bus services from the airportThe Travel Card gives access to all boats (vaporetto) in and around Venice, the tram to Mestre (vice versa), and most public transport buses of ACTV around Venice. You can also use the travel card on the island of Lido. Validate this coupon in the ticket machine first.

Tourist Travel Card:

To use public transport in Venice, you can purchase these tickets. Price of 1 ticket € 9,50 (75 minutes) in the machine or ACTV desk. Or online via €12,50.

  • €25,00 - €35,00 1 DAY TRAVELCARD
  • €35,00 - €40,00 2 DAYS TRAVELCARD
  • €45,00 - €50,00 3 DAYS TRAVELCARD
  • €65,00 - €70,00 7 DAYS TRAVELCARD

More information ACTV service or Book the Tourist Travel Card Online >

purchase tickets at a machine in VeniceThe ticket machine on Treviso Airport, Marco Polo Airport, in Mestre and in Venice!

4. From Treviso Airport to Venice 
Getting from Airport to Venice...

Here are the options for Treviso from Airport to Venice:

From the airport, in Treviso (TSF), the best is to take the ATVO shuttle buses. To take the ATVO bus from Treviso is the best option. The buses leave every 45 minutes to Venice (26 miles). The beautiful ride takes more than one hour to get to Venice. Buy your ATVO tickets from Treviso Airport here. And yes, I used this bus quite often. Relax though. Air conditioning and you can store much luggage. It is still a long drive but comfortable.

Going with the ATVO bus means that your luggage is inclusive. A return ticket will cost you €22-. And a one-way ticket is only €12-.

The only negative point of this transfer is the long journey of 75 minutes. The ATVO transfer buses are leaving in front of Treviso Airport. You can't miss it. You can buy bus tickets on the bus or at the ticket machine/counter on the side of terminal 1. Read the review and the questions about this trip (Blog) From Treviso airport to Venice >

Treviso Airport to VeniceThe ATVO-shuttle bus from Airport to Venice

The most expensive option is to rent a car from airport to Venice. By car from Treviso Airport to Venice, it is about 45 minutes. You may be able to return the rented car to Venice. Please take a look at my page about car rental in Venice >

By (car) Taxi; You cannot take a boat (taxi) from Treviso. Nowadays, I prefer to book a cheap taxi from Treviso Airport, which is ready for me when I arrive at Treviso. This taxi is in place of the ATVO shuttle bus. It is certainly not as expensive as you think if you consider that you still have to travel by bus for 1.5 hours to arrive in Venice. I only do this when there are two of us. The taxi cost is about €70-. I always book the taxi with the best price via my own platform Ideal, it is cheaper! And you have a pre-agreed amount.

Suppose you don't use my platform to reserve a taxi. Taxis are available in front of the arrivals. Be careful because it is crucial to agree on the fare before getting in the cab. One time I just got in. My check was unexpectedly high, of course, I was angry, but the driver didn't change his mind… mmmm. So. Be careful…

The train from Treviso to Venice. What did I do my first time at Treviso Airport? Most tourists take the bus from the airport to Venice. But I made an adventurous route. You have to take bus number 6 to the Treviso train station. See the departure times for bus line 6 > The total cost of the city bus '6' and the train to arrive in Venice is approximately €15- p.p.

But what if your hotel is in the city of Mestre? That's why it's good to read how to...

5. ...Get from airport to the city of Mestre (near Venice)

Many people find their hotel in Mestre or another place near the city of Mestre. So you're not the only one. Everything in the region is focused on making the transfer as easy as possible to find your way from Mestre to Venice. But how do you get from the airport to your hotel in Mestre?

Now there are many answers in the stories and contributions on this website. But I do advise you two options to travel from Marco Polo to Mestre. Therefore read from Airport to Mestre >

Then there is another place near Venice where you would love to have a hotel...

6. ...Getting from Airport to Lido (island near Venice)

I often get questions about how to get from Airport to Lido; How do you get from the Airport to the island of Lido? Especially if the hotel is over there. Then, I can inform you precisely what to do. For example, We are going from Marco Polo Airport to Lido in October. How can we get there? And what is the most advantageous?

Last but not least: Tell your own story, your experience, or share your personal opinion... Other visitors are thrilled to read the story of real people who have been there. So take your chance and share how to reach Venice from the Airport!

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