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...The romance... The atmosphere in Venice... You will experience it in Venice Italy Hotels. There are more than 500 hotels in Venice waiting for you in the heart of the lagoon... Cheap hotels and luxury hotels

But how to choose the best hotel? -----> This is my guide about Venice hotels and the best places for sleeping in Venice

You want the best? This city has it all. Read where I slept and experience my personal tips! 

For example my stay at Hotel Lisbona. A great hotel when you are visiting Venice. Hotel Lisbona enjoys the privilege of a central location with a fare night rate.

Best Venice Italy Hotels

Read here about the hotels I have visited, my experience and tips. The last hotel that I stayed is Hotel Palazzo Priuli. With my family (2 kids) I had a really great time. Great room and location. Please tell me your experience on Hotel Palazzo Priuli.

As I wrote, my first hotel was 3 nights in hotel Lisbona, including a simple continental breakfast. It was a kind of honymoon, romantic holiday... A nice Canal hotel in Venice style! The price is cheap and very near Piazza San Marco, the heart of Venice. Don't care about the cheap and old Venetian decoration style. The price is cheap in comparing the location!

Holidays in Venice Italy are because of romance... This is why I book the best Venice Italy Hotels in advanced

Venetian Hotel Room

Poor me... Well,, I can't afford every visit a 5 star hotel! But, maybe you can do once! For example, the Venice Hilton Hotel - Molino Stucky is doable. And it is a 5-star hotel. Curious about the Advantages and Disadvantages and the Location? Read all about the Hilton Hotels in VeniceImagine... When opening your windows at a luxury Charming hotel in Venice. The Piazza San Marco is at your doorstep. If you have the possibility,, Go! It’s a life time experience.

People contact me about which hotel I should advice. My answer is always that I prefer a Hotel in Venice centre. The city is right on your doorstep. Early in the morning Venice is at his best. You can only experience this when your hotel is in the centre. 

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Tip!: Venice Italy is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. And yes, the city has a lot of hotels. But I know the best quality cheaps...

An example of good affordable hotel in the centre of Venice and near the Rialto bridge is Hotel al Vagon.

Check this hotel which has no breakfast facility. You have to arrange this by yourself. But, it is a comfortable hotel on a nice location. I stayed here when I joined the marathon of Venice. 

Escape Venice tourism? So.. Why you don’t take the convenience of a hotel outside of Venice? A lot of advances; from an airport hotel you can discover easily the Veneto area. Most of the time the price of the hotel is cheaper. But, be aware because you also have to calculate the transport costs to and from Venice... Check here the hotels outside of Venice >

Extra Venice Italy hotel tips:

  • Prepare good and book on time. Read my advice and reviews about the hotels.
  • Your hotel needs to give comfort, so you can enjoy and relax. After a whole day walking and exploring Venice, you need a rest. And also romance of course ;).
  • No annoying sound, stinky rooms and an uncomfortable bed. In Venice Italy there are a lot of hotels which have small rooms. Even in 3 star hotels they have old decoration and it is too cozy. 
  • You can book one of the many Venice luxury hotels. Probably you know these Venice hotels from celebrity news or movies. For example James Bond in Hotel Cipriani.

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