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Read on! Because I will show you some facts about Venice Italy. Why,,? Because without knowing the facts you just don't know enough!

And I like to tell you more about Venice, the backgrounds and so on... Every vacation or city trip has to be good and well prepared. And I'm helping you, it is my passion to tell you more about your best-Venice-Italy-holiday.

Facts about Venice Italy

Facts about Venice Italy

1. Do all citizen in Venice have a boat? This is what you think if you watch closely the water traffic. Many Venice residents need a boat to work. 1 in 2 families possess a pleasure boat.

2. Are the buildings floating on water? Millions of pine wood piles from the Alps were driven deep into the compressed clay-mud base petrified in the absence of oxygen.

Covered with planks and Istrian stone slabs made it a solid foundation for buildings.

3. Is Venice Italy still sinking? In theory this stopped when the industries in Marghera quit pumping out groundwater. However, the rise of the world's sea level combined with the pressure weight of buildings does us questioning how long it will take.

Recently it is discovered on satellite photo's that Venice is sinking 2. millimeter a year. Read more about these scientific facts about Venice >

4. Is the water safe for swimming? Yes. The upper Adriatic normally emerges with a clean slate. Next to natures clean up there are periodic controls for bacterial. Read more about sewers and wastewater in Venice Italy.

5. Do people often fall in the water? The odd tourist takes the plunge when he is getting in the gondola or a water taxi. Occasionally it is happening. Be aware of moss-covered steps and of course don't let children unattended.

6. How deep is the Venice lagoon? At its maximum between 15 m (49 ft) and 20 m (65 ft).

7. Is the water drinkable from the drinking fountains? Yes. It's the same as tap water and subject to constant testing. Until 1884 Venice Italy depended on rainwater collected beneath squares, which they used for bathing and cooking.

8. How many people live in Venice Italy? Around 58.000. Mostly senior citizen. Young couples prefer to move the mainland with the convenience of a car, not to mention lower house prices, cheaper shopping and fewer tourist. Every year almost a 1.000 Venetian leave the city to live in another place. 

More Facts about Venice Italy & News

Facts about Venice Italy

Is Venice asking a fee to enter...?

The local government is discussing to put a gate to pay a fee before you will enter the city. Tourist have to pay at the entrance gate, the same as Disneyland... 

Locals say the millions of tourists are mostly one day trippers. They don't use local restaurants, but bring their own beverage. By this way the city of Venice is struggling to finance its own beautiful city, to restore and to maintain.

Others are against this extra tourist tax. They are afraid Venice will turn into a theme park. 

By all means, the city has to deal with big problems. The old town is slowly sinking while the sea level rises. In the next upcoming years Venice have to continue their struggle against water. How will they finance this....?


Cheap Parking in Venice Italy

Be smart and get a cheap parking place when you are visiting Venice Italy! Here is an overview and mostly they have shuttle services to Venice... Check it out! 

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Home >  Facts about Venice >

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