Top 15 Venice Italy Attractions you should visit.
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These top 15 Venice Italy Attractions make the city a romantic open-air museum with beautiful sights. The historic town of Venice speaks to everyone's imagination! 

Before we move on, I want to inform you that Venice is a museum. And are you interested in riding a Gondola when you are in Venice? Get information about the cheapest way to take a Gondola Ticket >  

Everywhere you can take a glance at its beauty! Don't miss all the general sights by walking on the maze streets. I am pleased to describe the 15 sights and more to you on this page! 

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Let's start with number one of the Top 15 Attractions:

No 1. Basilica di San Marco

Venice Italy attraction Basilica di San Marco

Behind the photographing tourists, cooing pigeons, and famous old cafes rises the San Marco Basilica (click to read more)—one of the top Venice Italy Attractions in the city. 

Despite the Venice tourism, I want to visit this attraction again and again to experience the heart of Venice. 

The Basilica of San Marco Museum shows you the treasures the Doges have collected. You can go up on the balcony at the front of the basilica and have a view of San Marco Square.

No 2. Piazza San Marco

Venice San Marco Square

Piazza San Marco is also called St. Mark's Square. Busy and crowded with people but a beautiful square. It is number two of my Top 15 Venice Italy Attractions. 

Napoleon called this piazza the most beautiful salon in the world—one of the best Venice Italy attractions. 

On the square, you will find, among other things, the entrance of the Doge's Palace and the Basilica San Marco. Furthermore, there is the Biblioteca Marciana, the Campanile, and the Torre dell'Orologio clock tower.

No 3. Bridge of Sighs in Venice

Bridge of Sigh with pigeon

Don’t expect one of the most beautiful Venice Italy attractions, but this site is the famous Bridge of Sighs (also named; Ponte dei Sospiri) is a prominent tourist landmark. It’s an early 17th-century Baroque structure that crosses the palace to the prisons.

People like the famous Casanova and Galileo Galilei were locked up in this prison. They sighed before entering the chilly dungeons. Their last breath and a view of daylight. Read more about this Venice attraction Bridge of Sighs >

No 4. Rialto Bridge

Venice Italy Rialto Bridge

The view of the Grand Canal is just fantastic from the Rialto Bridge (click to read more). Gracefully spans one of the symbols of the city's lifeblood.

The bridge is no place for romantics, it's too crowded, but the view is overwhelming.TIP: Wake up early and take some beautiful romantic pictures. 

The Rialto district is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Venice. The colorful Rialto market for gourmets and arts and crafts lovers are indispensable attractions of a holiday in Venice.

No 5. Concert & Opera in 'La Fenice'

Attraction and sights in Venice

Opera belongs to the culture and charm of the city, and it is a fantastic experience. 

I am a big fan of the Teatro la Fenice (click to read more) and opera in Venice. It is such a fantastic building for opera, ballet, and concerts. When you enter, you will get notice of the inside architecture, which is superb… 

This building has its drama show and screenplay... Teatro La Fenice was rebuilt after it had flared in 1996. But, look at it now… They rebuilt it entirely in the old baroque style. 

No 6. Accademia Bridge

Venice italy attraction Accademia Bridge

This bridge has a better view than the other bridges crossing the Grand Canal. You can take your time on the bridge and look at the view.

Enjoy the gondolas and vaporetto, which are passing by. Especially in the evening, it is hushed and peaceful. After your visit, you can relax in the nearby charming shops and restaurants. Read more about this Venice Italy attraction, the Accademia Bridge >

No 7. Grand Canal Venice Italy

Venice Italy Grand Canal view

Busy Vaporetto's (water buses) like vaporetto no. 1 and Vaporetto no. 2 depart here to transport travelers across the Grand Canal (click to read more).

On Venice's "main street," an impressive series of beautiful palaces and unique homes are strung together. By gondola or vaporetto, the Grand Canal is a remarkable city. And that's why it is in my Top 15 Venice Italy attractions. 

No 8. The Doges Palace

Sigths Doge palace

This impressive building has a beautiful facade and beautifully decorated rooms. For centuries the Doge's Palace (click to read more) got the fame of its world-leading power.

The doges had their residence in this palace, and they gathered for important councils with other influential people. They were dominating the Mediterranean with trading and other economic factors.

I have exclusive tickets to skip the line for the Doge's Palace, and with a personal guide, you will tour the palace (if it is available). Very special. Book this ticket directly and save more than 1 hour of waiting time. 

No 9. Academy Gallery

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The Accademia Gallery (click to read more) has the most beautiful collection of Venetian paintings: Titian, Tintoretto, Giorgione, Tiepolo, Carpaccio, Veronese... Nowhere else is a better overview.

Why is the Accademia Gallery a top 15 sight? You know Bellini, Carpaccio, Tintoretto, and Tiepolo? You can see their artwork here at the gallery.

The beautiful collection was stolen by Napoleon from churches all around Europe and gathered in Venice. And the museum is used by the art school Accademia di Belle Arti houses near there. A real Venice attraction! 

No 10. Gondolas, taking a gondola

Venice Italy Attraction Venice Gondola

Gondolas in Venice are handicrafts with tradition. Handmade treasures of paper and art glass to finely painted fabrics. This sector has not suffered from tourism.

Whether it comes to the art of the gondola components (click to read more) or artistic glass objects, looking at it is fun. Before taking this vessel, you must understand more about Venice Italy Attractions. 

Already want to reserve a Gondola ride? Via my partnership, a ticket is around EUR 32,-. A gondola trip on the canals of Venice, Italy, will last at least 30 minutes. Book your tickets >

No 11. Modern Art with the Palazzo Grassi

Venice Attraction Pallazzo Grassi

Palazzo Grassi (click to read more) on the Grand Canal also has eccentric modern art, with various exhibitions throughout the year. Worth a visit if you love contemporary art. 

The Palazzo has a fantastic café. Here you have a view of the Grand Canal and interior designed by contemporary artists who exhibit in the Palazzo.

No 12. San Giorgio Maggiore

Directly opposite the Piazza San Marco is the San Giorgio Maggiore (click to read more). You can overlook the lagoon, the islands, the city, and its attractions from the bell tower. You can enter the buildings on the island on the weekend with a tour. On the adjacent island of Giudecca is a piece of Venice without tourists.

No 13. Murano & Museum of glass

Here you can watch glassblowers at work, buy expensive glass creations and watch 4000 objects in the Museum of Glass.

The glassblowers of Murano are world-famous. The art of glass is everywhere on the island. Along the quay and on the central square are glass sculptures. 

Although China and Korea are formidable competitors, glass factories are still in operation on the island of Murano. Discover the secrets of the Murano Glass >

No 14. Burano

Burano Venezia

The lagoon is the natural environment of Venice. Burano offers colored houses and lace. 

Away from Venice, Italy, apart from the tourist crowd.

The island, with colorful houses, narrow canals, and little bridges, is reminiscent of a tiny Venice.

I have a whole description of my tour on the island of Burano >

No 15. Torcello

Attila TorcelloSitting on a wet chair of Attilla on the Island of Torcello

In the lagune you have a small island called; Torcello. The island has beautiful mosaics in the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

I enjoyed the peace and silence of this almost empty island.

It was in April and still early in the season. Maybe there were only 15 tourists on the island. Restaurant Locande Cipriani was open. The old bell tower and the basilica were waiting for me.

Read more about the island of Torcello and my trip to it... Finished with my Top 15 sights? There are a lot more attractions you have to visit in Venice.

That's why I have for you my... 

Best Kept Secrets of Venice Italy Attractions

Map of Campo Santa Margherita

Venice is an extraordinary city in Italy, which is built on 120 islands and has 150 canals. And they all have bridges... 

But, also not to miss are the hidden squares where you can drink Italian coffee. Walk through the maze - the tiny streets - and Discover more secret Venice Attractions:

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