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Copyright disclaimer for you best venice Italy

Here is my Copyright & Disclaimer policy. I hope this is useful to you when you are on my site. The most important value for me is that I hope my website is giving you the best Venice Italy holiday experience. 

Copyright: provides on a personal way information about Venice Italy.

Printing of text is allowed, but only for personal use. Nothing, absolutely nothing may be copied from If I will find my material on the worldwide web - without my permission, I and my lawyer will send you a letter/e-mail/notification of default. In addition, it can be reported to Google.

The site is based on personal experience and relevant resources. The pictures are from our own material, submitted photos (with permission of the owners) and stock photos.

Every page I have on MY site takes time to create and write. Everything has been carefully compiled and checked. One page costs me about 5 hours to achieve. No texts have been copied or written differently. Everything is from my own hands. If you are lazy and want to copy text, you are in violation.

Copyright Disclaimer


The site is created with pure passion and interest about the Venetian Lagoon. Although the texts have been carefully compiled, we can not in any way guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information. is not liable for damages of any kind, resulting from actions and / or decisions based on our information.

Everyday I answer with full commitment all the questions I receive via my contact form or comment forms. Here I can make unintentional mistakes, because sometimes the information about Venice Italy is changing. And therefore, I can not feel responsible if I have inadvertently provided incorrect information.

Actually, I hope is adding value to your holiday! If your are happy with this site, use the various social media options to tell your friends, family, and colleagues.

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Do you have any questions? Please contact me.


C.R.Y.M. Hoekstra (owner)



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