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Venice Italy shopping areas are fantastic because you can shop until you drop in this great city's history. So, what are the secrets of doing your shopping in Venice, and which places? The finest goods you can find in Venice. Venice was the most prominent trading city in Europe a long time ago, with unique products from all over the world.

Mask Venice Italy Shopping!

Now, Venice Information will save you money and time. Get the best shopping spots in Venice, Italy, with non-touristic streets and shops.

Purchase local traditional products from Venice and bring home for a souvenir. Find my top 10 souvenirs to bring back and get all the shops in Venice opening. You choose better mementos and will get the best tips, do's & don'ts. I'm your guide for shopping in Venice.

I will suggest some places. And yes, you will find many gift shops. However, it's also a paradise for shoppers interested in fashion. Perfect for a City trip! I show you the best shopping areas, where to find nearby Supermarkets?

And I know another beautiful city which you can efficiently use for sightseeing and shopping! Impressive squares, palaces from the Renaissance, painted churches, and old waterways. This beautiful spot is the shopping hotspot in Treviso, yes, the city of the faraway airport in Treviso...

But if you prefer Venice itself, I will show you...

Favorite Venice Italy Shopping Spots

Next to all the kitsch and tourist goods, there are also quality products and souvenirs available in Venice. 

One of everybody's favorite is the Venice Rialto Market 

You can find the best stores with local food and products if you search into hidden alleys. Far away from the tourists, you might discover shops with unique local souvenirs.

These are my favorite shops in Venice, Italy:

1. Name: Mondo Novo: Venice's most original paper mache masks. A monstrous bear's head Might hang alongside a gloating Tutankhamun, but their specialty is the Venetian Carnival Costumes. Address: Rio Terra Canal, Dorsoduro 3063. Their webshop is www.MaskedArt.com

2. Name: Jesurum: A shop with triumphant exquisite lace and embroidery. Founded in 1870. The firm acted as a first trade school for poor girls. Address: Piazza S Marco 60-1, Marco S.

3. Name: Venice Pavilion Bookshop: Excellent selection of multilingual literature and miscellany focusing on Venice. Also reserves as a tourist information point and box office for cultural events. They use it even during the Venice Biennale. Address: Palazzetto Selva, Giardinetti Reali, S. Marco 2.

However, more interesting are the traditional local products, lace, hand-printed fabrics, old glass beads, handmade marbled paper, and other kinds of Venetian crafts. Of course, those who are looking for a classic gift, you should buy a carnival mask or a vase or bowl of Murano glass. The world-famous glassworks of Murano!

But how about local Veneto wine? You can read it on my new blog page. They say the best-tasting wine is made in Valpolicella, near Verona and east of Lake Garda. It is the most famous wine from the Veneto. 

The hills lie against the marble quarries, and you have many (small) wine companies and good wine production. Read all about the wines from the Veneto.

In other shopping streets, you will find quality clothes at a bargain. Go to the streets of:

  • The Lista Di Spagna;
  • The Strade Nova; 
  • From the train station to Rialto;
  • In the main pedestrian street between the Rialto Bridge and Campo San Polo 

And since Venice Italy shopping is also reflected in the culinary souvenirs, these must not be forgotten. Cheese, ham, wine, vinegar, and olive oil.

Don't get disappointed and prepare with my schedule of the...

Opening times of the shops in Venice Italy

Didn't find the information? Search within Venice-Information.com:

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Top 3 Populair Activity to do in Venice



Usually, the shops are open around 9 am and closing between 12:30 and 15:30, because of a siesta. Then the shops open again until 8 pm. Many shops are closed on Monday morning.

It is lovely to go shopping in Venice Italy! 

Great information! When you stay outside Venice in a hotel, a holiday house or a campsite in the city of Treviso is also an excellent shopping experience! It separates you from the tourist who is only Venice Italy shopping. 

I can't afford it, but Venice is also a lovely city for...

Luxury shopping in Venice Italy

Venice Italy Shopping

During your Venice Italy shopping, you won’t miss any favorite Luxury brand shop. Probably they have precisely the clothes or souvenir you want to buy. The boutiques in the arcades are a temptation to every tourist. Go to the arcades of:

  • Around the Piazza San Marco;
  • In the street 'Calle Larga 22 Marco; 
  • Around the Mercerie, this is the main shopping street in Venice and connects Piazza San Marco with the Rialto;
  • In the side streets of Rialto;

Top 10 Souvenirs Venice Italy Shopping

1. Glassware: Impress your friends at home with a Murano chandelier.

2. Gourmet Food: For something authentically Italian, try virgin olive oil flavored with chili peppers or pasta in the shape of gondolas and masks.

3. T-shirts: The essential guaranteed souvenir of Venice, sold at the street stalls.

4. Masks: A mind-boggling array of masks, traditionally made for Carnival in paper-maché ceramic and leather.

5. Marbled Paper: You can buy swirls of pastel hues for covering books or simple as beautiful wrapping paper for gifts.

6. Beads: Beads from frosted glass, ceramic, or the traditional murrhine mosaic.

7. Italian Wine: Take advantage of lower prices and taxes by stocking up on locally produced wines from Veneto.

8. Fabric: Lace is the most Venetian of materials, but beautiful linens and velvets are also good value.

9. Silverwork: Photo frames, letter openers, and teaspoons make lovely gifts for friends.

10. Clothes: You can find all the top fashion names in Venice, Italy.

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