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Cookie Policy: During your use of Venice-Information.com, third parties can collect information about your internet behavior. For example, the use of cookies.

A cookie is a small file containing pages of a website and is transmitted and stored by your browser to your hard drive. The cookie allows your browser to detect your visit to a website if you have visited it before.

The cookies may be collected for the following purposes:

  1. For functional purposes: to make navigating and logging into sites more convenient by remembering your settings and/or preferences.
  2. For analytical purposes: Example: it can track how many visitors visit a specific web page, so I know which part of my site is accessible.
  3. For commercial purposes: to track how many and which ads are shown (to prevent that you see same ads) and to check whether you have clicked on an advertisement.
  4. For "targeting" purposes: based on your browsing habits, there can appear interests targeted ads. These ads can also be built based on information from your visit to other sites.

Venice-Information.com does not use and has no access to information collected by third parties. The use of cookies and other technologies by these third parties, as defined here, is subject to their own privacy policies usually present on their website(s).

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What is a Cookie?

Remove cookies and refuse:

A cookie policy for a website is a statement or legal document that provides information to website visitors about how a site uses cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on a user's device, typically used to keep track of settings, identify a user's session, remember preferences, and other functions that make the web experience smoother and more personalized.

Here's why a cookie policy is important:

  1. Legal Compliance: Many jurisdictions require websites to disclose their use of cookies to users. In Europe, for instance, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive mandate that users should be informed about how their personal data, including data collected by cookies, is used. This ensures that users have transparency and control over their personal data.
  2. Informed Consent: A cookie policy informs visitors about the type of cookies the website uses (e.g., necessary cookies, performance cookies, targeting cookies), their purpose, and duration. Based on this information, users can provide or withhold their consent.
  3. Building Trust: By disclosing your use of cookies and providing transparency about what information is being collected and why, you help build trust with your website visitors. When users understand how their information is being used, they're more likely to feel secure on your website.
  4. Flexibility for Website Owners: Cookies enable website owners to tailor the user experience, track visitor behavior, and gather valuable insights. For instance, performance cookies can tell you which pages on your website are popular and which need improvements. Similarly, advertising cookies can provide insights about user interests, allowing for more targeted advertising.
  5. Third-Party Requirements: If you're using third-party services on your website, such as advertising networks or analytics tools, these providers may require you to have a cookie policy in place. This is to ensure that end users are informed about the data collection practices happening via these third-party tools.
  6. Data Integrity: A cookie policy can help educate users on how they can manage or delete cookies if they wish to do so. This ensures that the data collected is more likely to be accurate and representative of users who are genuinely interested in the services or content being offered.

Via the browser settings on your computer, you can delete cookies. If necessary, consult the help function of your browser. After removing and/or reject cookies, it is still possible to see ads.

Note: if you refuse cookies, my website will be less friendly in using it. For frequent users of the internet, cookies are beneficial in remembering passwords or fill-inn forms. You can not always remove all possibilities of using a website. To refuse or delete cookies will only affect the computer and browser where you perform this operation.

I really like to go to Venice to provide you with more tips about this ancient city. And I'm sure you also love Venice; otherwise, you would not have ended up on my site. You don't realize that the computer often knows more about you than you think. She knows by now that you were looking for Venice information.

Please, this is not bad... Venice-Information.com needs advertisers to provide you the best information about Venice, Italy, and they are bringing value to my website. 

You have read about the Cookies which your computer collect when visiting my website. Please explore my site more and get more information about the different topics.

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