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Book an apartment with terrace Venice Italy. Experience the comfort and safety of a spacious furnished apartment. Why stay in a hotel room if you can share an apartment with family or friends? Venice will hit you, or not. Simple, but many have already fallen in love with this magnificent Italian city.

An apartment with a terrace is a unique experience. Watching gondoliers going by on the sparkling canals you feel Venice with intense passion. I must say, drinking your cafe macchiato on your apartment terrace is a moment of joy! Can you imagine? Stop dreaming! Make it real and book your comfortable Venice apartments with a terrace…

Okay, show me your Top 3...

...Apartment with Terrace Venice Italy – San Marco view

Apartment with terrace Venice Italy

Three bedrooms and two bathrooms up to 5 people. This beautiful Venice accommodation is located opposite the Piazza San Marco and offers fantastic views of the of the basilica from the terrace.

Prices range between EUR 327,00 up to EUR 363,00 a night. Very expensive, but luxury and at a great location. Minimum stay is three nights.

If you don’t like walking too much, it’s the place to stay as you’re in reach of all the main palazzos, museums, restaurants and cafes. Check this apartment if it's still available >

The San Marco area is great but also can be to much hustle. Do you have an...

...Apartment with Terrace Venice Italy in the Area Dorsoduro

Apartment with terrace Venice Italy – Dorsoduro

1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms up to 2 people. My favorite Venice district. Dorsoduro is close to the San Marco and the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in a calm tourism area.

Meet the local and wake up next to a quiet square. Buy your local products in the nearby grocery shops. Prices range between EUR 80,00 up to EUR 150,00 a night. A low range for an apartment in Venice. Minimum stay is three nights. Check this apartment if it's still available >

This Venice apartment is clean and bright. The location is perfect.  The lounge opens on to a terrace ideal for relaxation and has a double sofa bed. Ceilings retain the traditional wooden beams. A beautiful stone fireplace can warm the coldest and romantic Venetian nights!

I'm dreaming away. But, do you have a more quiet location with...

...An Apartment with terrace – in district Cannaregio

Apartment with terrace Venice Italy – Cannaregio

Two bedrooms and two bathrooms up to 5 people. Out of the crowded Venice tourism in a nice quiet place in the area of Cannaregio. Very close to a vaporetto stop. Walking to the San Marco is around 30 minutes. But, hey, this is a holiday, and during walking, you will see Venice how it is. The beautiful apartment patio terrace makes it complete.

Prices range between EUR 201,00 up to EUR 298,00 a night. A middle range for a quality apartment in Venice. Minimum stay is three nights. A lovely cozy duplex with modern style and furniture. Cannaregio is the northernmost of the six historic districts of Venice. Check this apartment if it's still available >

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