Buy Venetian Mask. If you buy these masks in Venice, you choose very consciously.

Buy Venetian Mask

In Venice, you can see masks hanging in almost every shop window. Buy Venetian Mask is tempting. You see them in all kinds of new varieties.

This page gives you advice and information on where you can buy such an authentic mask and what it costs. In addition, the route composed by Olga Dol is also described here.

You recognize the authentic things. The mask maker is often busy in his studio. It takes many days to make such a mask.

The masks are not cheap and indeed not a tourist trap that you take with you. These masks are more intended as a wall decoration and not to wear. When you buy these masks in Venice, you choose consciously, usually for a specific place in your house

The route along Venice Masks. The makers and the Mask Shops

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Buy Venetian mask in collaboration with Olga Dol. She will take you for a walk-through Venice. Along with unique shops and studios where the real artist makes and processes masks independently.

Start: From Piazzale Roma, you walk over the Calatrava bridge towards the train station and past the exuberant baroque Scalzi church. On the Scalzi bridge, you have a beautiful view over the Grand Canal.

Follow the street past the Scalzi church further into Venice. You will come to a square called 'Campo San Geremia.' Continuing, you will cross the first large bridge over the side channel of the Grand Canal. Small vaporettos head to the other side of Venice and the islands.

You are now on the street 'Rio Terra San Leonardo.' It is a wide street with market stalls where you can buy fruit and vegetables, among other things. Halfway through this street are two mask shops on the left and right that are more than worth a visit.

For example, the Mask Shop of Paola and Isabella is called Segrete di Venezia. Their shop is at Cannaregio 1591. They still make the original Venetian masks here. Usually, one of the two makers is at work in the shop. In addition to the classic mask, they make modern ones, not only in layout but also in the style and design of figures.

Diagonally across the street, you will find the Ca'Macana studio by Brassesco & Vicente. At first glance a messy shop, but there are complete Bauta outfits and all kinds of masks available. This is one of the few shops with a wide range of animal and children's masks, such as Pinocchio.

Route to buy Venetian MaskThis is the Route to Buy a Venetian Mask. The Route you can do in 1 day

Rialto Bridge: Follow the route towards the Rialto Bridge. On the other side of the bridge, you will find "La Bottega del Mascereri" on the right; San Polo 80. Note the large sun and David are hanging from the facade. It is small and crowded. The artist is often present but has another shop in the San Polo district. You can buy a fantastic Venetian mask here.

But you can also go back over the Rialto Bridge towards St. Mark's Square. You do this by simply following the yellow signs toward the famous square.

St. Mark's Square: Around St. Mark's Square are several mask shops. Olga Dol has specially selected one. First, cross the square to the waterfront and turn left at the water. Then, cross the bridge ('which is always busy due to the view of the Bridge of Sighs') and, opposite the arrival jetty of the vaparetto, turn left into Calle de la Rasse. In the end, at Castello 4531, you will find a mask shop to buy a mask.

After buying the mask, you can keep it left and make your way to St. Mark's Square automatically. You can exit the square earlier or make sure you have walked under the clock, the Orologio. Then bend to the right and cross diagonally. On the left, you see the world-famous Florian'. Finally, walk through the Arcades towards the Accademia Bridge.

Buy Venetian Mask in the Dorsoduro district

Authentic Venetian Mask ShopAuthentic Venetian Mask Shop

If you pass the Grand Canal over the Accademia bridge, you will arrive in the Dorsoduro district. It is the neighborhood of the students and the artists.

Here you will find many workshops and shops of mask makers, but also art schools, so you can bump into quite a few artistic figures.

After the Accademia bridge, you immediately turn right, and it is a directly hit. Handmade masks of all kinds, normal but also eccentric; dolls and paintings.

You are automatically forced in the right direction because you always have to cross the water and take the route over the bridge. At the next square, you will automatically come across the shop of Ca Macana, Dorsoduro 1169.

The shop window proudly mentions that they supplied the masks for the Stanley Kubrick film 'Eyes Wide Shut, starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. Go inside because it is also surprising to buy a Venice mask there.

Plague Doctor VenicePlague Doctor Venice

Continue straight through alleys and tunnels, and you will arrive at Campo San Barnaba automatically. Keeping right across the square, you will find a mask shop just over the bridge.

This is another Ca Macana store with an extensive range of masks. Usually, there is a Plague Doctor and an Arlecchino in front to indicate that you should go inside.

Also good to visit is the studio of Mondo Novo. This sculptor's studio has many wooden masks and very characteristic heads.

From the store Ca Macana, you must go back over the bridge and keep right along the quay and then the first bridge on the right. After that, you will automatically come across the studio.

End your walk at the Campo Santa Margherita with some Venetian masks

Continuing on, you come to Campo Santa Margherita. A large square, a gathering place for schoolchildren and students, and an immensely cozy place to eat good food in the evenings. Just sit at one of the long rows of tables and chat with others about their experiences in this always captivating city.

It is good to end the route here. A square full of fun to end the day. It is a pleasant walk to let you experience the masks of Venice. So, let’s buy a Venice Mask in such a store.

You've read about where to buy Venetian Mask. There is plenty to explore as you see. Discover Venice on my site and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

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