Cheap Flight from Glasgow to Venice
Best Airlines which Departure from Glasgow

Are you looking for a flight from Glasgow to Venice? And this isn't easy... You have to transfer at least one time to arrive in this most romantic city in Europe.


I will tell you the most details on this page to find the best Glasgow to Venice airfare. First... From Glasgow, there is no nonstop flight to Venice, Italy. Best airlines that departure from Glasgow to Venice:

  • British Airways - 275 EUR (213 GBP)
  • KLM Royal Dutch - 323 EUR (250 GBP)
  • Alitalia - 284 EUR (220 GBP)
  • AirFrance 260 EUR (202 GBP)

From Leeds Bradford Airport, you can take a direct flight to Venice, Italy, with Ryanair. Airfares start from 35 GBP. Price (Avg & + Taxes & Fees) April 2022

Flight Duration (Best connection)

  1. 5h 17m - one stop at London Gatwick Airport
  2. 4h 22m - one stop at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  3. 5h 45m - one stop at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  4. 7h 00m - one stop at Paris Charles de Gaulle

Duration for my flight to Venice is essential, but do you have more...

...Facts about a Flight from Glasgow to Venice?

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Yes, I do! As follow:

  • Most airlines will arrive at Marco Polo Airport;
  • The cheapest rate for flying from Glasgow to Venice is primarily British Airways;
  • A flight from Glasgow to Venice takes between 4h 22m hours and 10h 15m hours;
  • Historically the cheapest day of this flight is Monday;
  • Traditionally the most expensive day for this flight is Saturday.
  • Curious how we arrived in Venice? Check my page on how to get from the airport to Venice. Then, I can tell you all about it! Venice, Italy, uses two airports nearby. I often use both, so read on to choose your favorite way...

    Marco Polo airport is 12km away from Venice. It is Italy's fifth airport in size and traffic. When the plane almost lands, you can see romantic Venice. Breathtaking... Sit on the right side of the aircraft to see the view ;-). Then after landing, buy some drinks in the airport before you go to the Alilaguna boat or shuttle bus!

    Already tired of your flight? Is it getting late? Or only one day's visit to Venice? Don't worry, there are enough Venice airport hotels.

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