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Campsite Great with Kids - Easy Transfer to Get to Venice

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Marina Di Venezia Camping Venice

I think now, what is better than staying in Marina DI Venezia Camping? When I went on holiday with my two daughters, they were four years old, and the youngest was 2 years old.

Not ideal I would say. But it's not true. This campsite was great with kids, and we could quickly get to Venice...

Book Marina di Venezia for a week in a lodge tent or a luxury mobile home. It is a high-quality 4-star family park near the Punta Di Saboni harbor. This location is very close to Venice.

And for the family a campsite near Venice is suitable! I decided to travel in my car. Curious how I arrived? Read more about my road trip >

With the waterbus (vaporetto) you can easily visit Venice, Burano, and Murano. Family park Marina DI Venezia Camping is one of the many resorts in this region. During the holiday season (June-August) it is jam-packed with tourists, caravans, and campers, and traffic jams in high season;).

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Camping Marina di Venezia is a resort. It is huge, good for fun and action. I advise you to stay in this holiday park for at least one week.

There are many facilities at Marina di Venezia! They have a wide variety of restaurants, shops and they have a great pool. The sandy beach is within walking distance of the resort.

My children enjoyed the facilities. Above all, everything is clean, modern and well organized. The friendly staff welcomes you at the simple check-in.

Marina di Venezia resort

This convinced me to book my vacation in resort Marina DI Venezia Camping. You can reserve a stylish accommodation with the charm of a tent or a cottage, but without the compromise on comfort.

I stayed in a cottage. Clean linen and other welcoming packages can be booked in advanced. You will have your own kitchen, shower and barbecue. 

The rates for Camping Marina di Venezia vary seasonally. In August it costs around EUR 223, - per night. Then you have a six-person lodge. But, in low season you only pay EUR 43, - per night for this mobile home.

Marina di Venezia Swimming Pool

Every day there was a smile of pleasure with my daughters. I'm sure I made the right choice by booking Marina di Venezia. A Venice campsite is an excellent alternative to visit Venice under budget conditions...

Almost all facilities are free of charge. Swimming is fun, and at Marina di Venezia there is a large swimming pool with slides and fun features.

There are two separate pools, at the entrance of the pool ground the water is freezing. It was a bit too cold to enjoy. But, when you dive into the second pool (which) also has a lot of features all the warmed will come back into your body. 

Can't wait to go? I will show you the...

...Location: How to reach Marina DI Venezia Camping

The closes airport is Marco Polo Airport and it is 45 km (28 miles) from the campsite. You can also take a taxi (about 40 min). Approximately € 100.00. But via my own booking platform you can book a taxi in advanced. And the fare is mostly a lot cheaper. 

Address: Camping Marina di Venezia, Via Montello 6, 30013 Cavallino-Treporti Venezia, Italy, tel: +39 041 530 2511.

MARCO POLO AIRPORT: Buses leave every half hour in front of the arrival hall. Step in Jesolo and catch the bus to Cavallino. Approximately EUR 4.30 and EUR 2.30 p.p. luggage.

Most budget airlines will land on Treviso Airport. So, please show me the...

...Route from Treviso Airport!

From Treviso, you can best take the ATVO bus to Lido Di Jesolo. Here you have to change to the ATVO bus towards Punta Sabbioni. A return ticket costs about EUR 20, - p.p to Lido di Jesolo. I have no view on the transfer costs to Punta Sabbioni.  You have to take into account about 1.5 hours of travel time.

From Punta Sabbioni it is about a 2 km walk to the campsite. This walk is quite a distance. I know in the high season the camping has shuttle buses. There are also regular taxis here. So I advise you to take the taxi to the campsite with the (small) children. Another option is to ask the bus driver to drop you as close as possible.

Below I will show you the link to the ATVO website and also the schedule of the bus.

Tickets for the ATVO bus you can purchase at Treviso Airport. The ATVO countersigns are indicated. Or you can pre-book the bus ticket online via Getyourguide. They are certified to sell these tickets online. Book online here >

Camping Marina di Venezia Enlarge the Marina Di Venezia map

Taxi Treviso Airport Marina di Venezia

You can also take a taxi. You do not have to switch, and it's faster. The costs are approximately € 100, - from Treviso Airport. I always book taxis in advance via my own domain is an online platform where you can book worldwide taxis to and from the airport.

They are an online platform where you can book taxis from and to the airport worldwide.

It works very well I can say. It can also be cheaper than an ATVO shuttle bus if you are with 4 people in one taxi.  

Great! You arrived, and then you want to prepare to visit the city of Venice. How can you get...

...From Marina Di Venezia Camping to Venice?

Is it better to use a Tourist Travelcard from Marina di Venezia Camping?

Punta Sabbioni is indeed the last point of the peninsula where there are many campsites. From here every day Vaporetto boats go to Venice. So once you have checked in at the campground, I think the best way is to go to Punta Sabbioni the next day and purchase a travel card here.

A 2-day travelcard starts from the moment you are checked in. So you can not use the card after 48 hours. But I advise you to decide what you do on the spot. For example, if you have planned a day in Venice and the next day the other islands (Burano, Murano or Torcello), then you buy the two-day travelcard. Or the one-day travelcard if you do the days separately.

Treviso Airport is a small airport. If you arrive at the airport 1 hour in advance, this is enough. I, therefore, think that you can better travel by taxi. Here is another link from another route from Punta di Sabbioni to Treviso. Then you go via Mestre, and you sit on the bus for more than 3 hours and change twice. And then you still do not come well on time.

By Rudmer Hoekstra (author):

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You've read about the resort Marina DI Venezia Camping. There is plenty to explore as you see. Discover Venice on my site and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

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