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Venice camping reviews are essential! Have you been on a campsite near Venice? I am so curious about your experience... This page is for you! Tell your own story, experience or share your personal opinion... Other visitors are thrilled to read the story of real people who have been there. Take your chance. Your contribution will appear below on this page!


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Venice Camping Reviews

You know, I've been to camping Marina di Venezia with my family? This accommodation campsite is a massive site with absolutely everything you could wish to have during your holiday.

My experience was excellent. But this was because my daughters were able to enjoy their wonderful stay nearby Venice. Many lodges were already taken. But everything was great, and we could enjoy!

Ah, these are memories that I often think back. I can fill two more websites with my experiences at this Venice campsite. Unfortunately, I don't have time to realize these websites...

Now I turn it over. I like to hear from you... What's your experience at a campsite in Venice? Have you been to Venice one day or several days? You were with the caravan, and you slept in a tent. Whether you had a bungalow house?

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Far over the 500 visitors of my website placed their stories about Venice. Their experience they shared with others. And not only on campsites, but about everything in Venice is. So, are you going to take this on? Tell your story!

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