Venice Italy Budget Accommodation Near the Sea
Most have Special Facilities for Children
You don't have to Worry and can Relax

A holiday resort near Venice, Italy? This resort is Campsite Union Lido Park & Resort! One of my luxury Venice Italy Budget Accommodations... Maybe you are hesitating…

Don’t worry; this holiday park has won many awards. It has a strong reputation. In the 46 years of its existence, it has been visited by more than 16 million people worldwide!

On your arrival, the smell of the sea and the warm welcome from the staff will accompany you inside the campsite. Can you imagine...?

Let me tell you more about this resort and...

...How to have a Lodge on Union Lido Park & Resort

Venice Budget Accommodation Union Lido

A comfortable, decorated lodge during your holiday. It's perfect! For one week, two weeks, or three weeks?

There is plenty of space in such a lodge. And perfect for children. So you have a private shower, toilet, air conditioning, and satellite TV.

Rates depend on the season. The average price starts at EUR 76.00 per night and can be up to EUR 166,00 per night. 

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When you hurry, you can soon...

...Stay in a Tent at this Venice Italy Budget Accommodation

Camping in Venice at Union Lido!!! Prices in the Union Lido resort vary with the season, but the average cost per adult per night is €9,25. The child prices are lower than the adult.

The pitch to settle down with your tent, camper, or motor caravan varies from €13,00 to €45,00 per night, depending on your facilities and the season. 14 modern, well-equipped toilet blocks are at the site and are within easy reach of all pitches. Most have special facilities for children.

An excellent choice for your Venice Italy budget accommodation if you ask me… Those without camping equipment can stay in Bungalows, Tent MV Collection, or Camping Homes with all the conveniences. Or sleep in spacious Mobile Homes with shower, WC, air conditioning, and satellite television.

What are the...

"Explore the Charm of Venice on a Budget: Unwind and Discover at Punta Sabbioni's Union Lido Park & Resort"

Union Lido Resort Venice Italy

Regarding accommodation, the city and its surrounding areas offer a range of options to fit different budgets.

Punta Sabbioni 

Punta Sabbioni is situated on the Venice Lido, providing an excellent location for those who want to explore Venice while enjoying a quieter base. It is reachable via ferry, providing a serene commute with beautiful views. This area tends to be more affordable than staying in the heart of Venice, making it a good choice for budget-conscious travelers. Various budget accommodation options include campgrounds, hostels, and cheap hotels.

Union Lido Park & Resort

Union Lido Park & Resort is one of the well-known holiday resorts in the Cavallino-Treporti coastal area, which is not far from Punta Sabbioni. It's popular among visitors due to its wide range of amenities and facilities. Here's a general overview:

  1. Accommodation Types: Union Lido offers a variety of accommodations, ranging from luxurious lodgings to more budget-friendly options. Visitors can choose between hotel rooms, bungalows, camping pitches, and mobile homes, accommodating various preferences and budget ranges.
  2. Facilities: Union Lido is renowned for its extensive facilities, which typically include multiple swimming pools, restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. For families, there are play areas for children, as well as organized activities.
  3. Beach Access: The resort is often praised for its clean, private beaches, offering a pleasant and safe environment for relaxation and fun.
  4. Accessibility: Union Lido is accessible and provides an excellent base for exploring Venice. Transport options, such as ferry and bus services, can take you into the city's heart.
  5. Nature and Environment: The surrounding area is known for its natural beauty, providing opportunities for cycling, walking, and exploring the local environment.
  6. Prices: Union Lido offers a more upscale camping experience with numerous amenities. However, it tends to be more budget-friendly than staying in central Venice, especially during the high tourist season.
  7. Booking: You might want to book accommodations and any special activities in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability and potentially secure early booking discounts.

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The UNION LIDO PARK & RESORT stretches onto the peninsula of Cavallino. The beach is thoroughly cleaned every morning to guarantee high safety and hygiene for children who play on the beach and the shore during their stay.

Thank you for your information but how to reach this campsite resort.

Please show me...

...the Route to Union Lido Park & Resort

Adres: Union Lido Park & Resort:

IL Parco dell Vacanze Via Fausta, 258 I - 30013 CAVALLINO - VENEZIA -

By plane

MARCO POLO AIRPORT: ATVO Buses depart in the direction of JESOLO every half hour in front of the arrival hall.

Change in Jesolo and catch the bus to Cavallino - Punta Sabbioni. Approximate tickets are €5.00 and €3.00 p.p. for luggage. It is 1 hour and 25 minutes by bus, including the change in Jesolo.

Marco Polo Airport is 45 km (28 miles) away from the campsite. You can also take a taxi (about 40 min). It will cost your approximately €110.00.

Reserve a taxi by using my own domain It's comfortable.

TREVISO AIRPORT: In high season There are regular buses to Jesolo Lido. Here you can change the direction of Cavallino. You can also take a taxi (about 70 minutes). Approximately €130.00.

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You've read about the Union Lido Resort. There is plenty to explore as you see. Discover Venice on my site and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

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