Arriving at Venice Treviso Airport
Most Imported is that there are Excellent Airport Transfers

If Venice Treviso Airport is your destination, you are in the right place. I will give you information about this airport near Venice. From Treviso, you can reach 45 international goals. So it is an excellent alternative to avoid its more expensive brother, 'Marco Polo Airport.' At this moment, only Ryanair flies to Treviso airport.

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Treviso Airport Ryan air to go to Venice

From the UK, Ryanair flies from:

  • Bristol
  • East Midlands
  • Leeds
  • London Stansted

Ryanair is the leading low-cost airline using this cheaper airport, which is an excellent alternative to the bigger San Marco Airport.

Treviso Airport, also known as Treviso Sant'Angelo Airport, is a top choice for budget-conscious travelers, particularly as it is a hub for budget airlines such as RyanAir. Flights to various destinations within Europe, including Eindhoven and Maastricht, are readily available here, making it a trusted option for those seeking affordable travel.

Located between Treviso and Padova along the SS-515 highway, the airport is relatively close to Venice, approximately 20 miles (32 km) away. By car, it takes around 45 minutes to reach Venice's car parks, making it a convenient option for visitors wanting to visit the famous city.

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For visitors without a car, the airport offers a convenient shuttle bus service provided by ATVO. These shuttle buses take tourists directly to Venice. Purchasing tickets online for this shuttle bus is advisable to ensure a smooth transfer. For this perfect transfer shuttle bus, you can buy bus tickets online >

This service is consistently praised for its efficiency and comfort, making it a reliable choice for tourists seeking a smooth and efficient way to travel to and from Venice. You can rest assured that your journey will be stress-free and comfortable.

Arrival in Venice: The shuttle buses arrive at Piazzale Roma, the last point reachable by car or bus. From here, you can transfer to vaporettos (water buses) or continue on foot to your destination in the city.

Overall, Treviso Airport is an efficient and budget-friendly alternative for visitors to Northern Italy. It offers essential services to make their journey comfortable and convenient.

But you can also go by train. Then you have to take bus number 6 towards Treviso train station. The journey to Venice will then take a little longer. You can read how to get from Treviso airport to Venice here;

Now you know this airport is closer to Venice than it seems. So be careful when booking a flight ticket. The most important thing to remember is that there are excellent transfers to Venice. Would you like more information about how to get from the airport to Venice? Click here >

Second important for you have to know is that...

...Venice Treviso Airport has Enough Facilities

Treviso Airport by night front

Treviso airport is a small airport. But it is well connected to the romantic city of Venice as you can read. Furthermore, the airport has one runway and a 3-floor terminal. Yearly it is welcoming 1.300.000 passengers.

  • Taxi - Radio taxi tel. 0422 431515 or reserve your taxi worldwide from my own domain
  • An information desk is available at the airport, and the staff mostly understands English.
  • ATMs and currency exchange facilities are in the terminal
  • It has only one small Duty-Free shop and a store for books, newspapers, and tobacco products.
  • There are three cafe bars.
  • The airport offers baby-changing facilities.
  • There is no Wi-Fi!
  • Luggage: Trolleys are available in the terminal
  • Lost and found are on the ground floor in the 'lost luggage storage room.'
  • Convertible Car Hire Treviso Airport
Venice Treviso Airport map

There is no business lounge or a meeting room. You must use a nearby Treviso hotel (1 mile). I made a page, especially for my Favorite Airport Hotels. Here you can find excellent hotels with conference rooms and other meeting facilities.

Need to park? The parking facility at Treviso airport is excellent. For long-term parking, you can choose two different places. Parking C and D are a few minutes walking distances from the airport terminal, and the parking fare is € 6,50 a day Book your parking spot online >

This parking option is the cheapest and most convenient for those flying from Venice Treviso Airport! You can go to Parking A in front of the terminal to drop off or pick up visitors, and they don't charge you for the first 10 minutes. 1 hour = € 3,00.

Parking B is also in front of the terminal with 170 places in a garage. 1 hour = € 5,00, first 10 minutes are free.

Yes, you have it all! For more...

...Detailed Treviso Airport Information

Venice Treviso Airport website

The Airport code (TSF)

Address Aeroporto DI Treviso: Aertre S.p.a., Via Noalese, 31100 Treviso, Italy

Telephone: +39 (0)422 315 111
Fax: +39 (0)422 315 219

International and some local Car hire companies are available with offices in the airport. Here you can get a car rental >

You've read about Treviso Airport. There is plenty to explore as you see. Discover Venice on my site and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

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