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A day, a weekend, or a whole week in Venice, Italy? Do you want to enjoy the city as much as possible but don't want to spend your monthly salary?

Want to receive cheap deals on your phone?

These activities are great deals:

Venice-Guide-RudmerGetting Cheap Deals in Venice

Tiqets has an exclusive Museum pass with a considerable discount. You can visit 8 different museums. Just scan and enter. Very fast and easy.

Discount on cheap deals in Venice. Receive an extra 10% discount when you buy a ticket for the Hop-Hop-Off Venice Walking Tour.

18% extra discount on a Gondola ride. Tickets for a Classic Gondola Ride of 30 minutes for € 33. The gondola ride is well arranged. Especially if you are more than 2.

20% extra discount on a tour with a secret program in the Doge's Palace. Isn't that exciting and mysterious—the tip of the veil. You go through the famous Bridge of Sighs. is a worldwide player with activity tickets. An activity you would like to do is a trip to Murano, Torcello, and Burano, including a private guide. There is now an extra 10% discount on the tour. Just out of Venice. Not what everyday tourists do.

Want to learn a lot about Venice in a short time? Take the tour "Hidden Venice, the unusual walking tour." With a group of six people, you go through Venice. There is so much to tell from this local quality guide!

Another significant discount is the 15% extra off in Venice with a Private Gondola Ride. So without all those other tourists;). How much romance do you want? A fixed discount on the regular price. You get a prosecco for free. Something extraordinary if you have something to celebrate.

Get an extra 20% discount in Venice with a tour of the Doge's Palace. Skip the ticket booth and enter with a guide—an excellent time. The focus is very informative and knows history. Meet at the Doge's Palace and follow the "GetYourGuide" sign and the name of your tour.

Always wanted to learn more about Leonardo Da Vinci? 20% extra discount on entrance to the "Leonardo Da Vinci" museum in Venice. Get to know the artist. Pay attention! All pieces are replicas. That's unfortunate but very educational if you want to know more about Leonardo. And for approximately € 6, it is hard to say no.

Below are the cheap deals in Venice, Italy:

Do cheaper things in Venice. Which can! Creative tips include sharing water taxis or a gondola ride. But also read mainly the...

...Free attractions

Never underestimate walking around Venice. Street corners, bridges, canals, water taxis, and clock towers are all enchanting. Enjoy this open-air museum!

Before Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter), Venice hosts Carnival, one of the world's most fantastic visual celebrations. Wear a mask and join the people who gather around the city's squares to celebrate in style.

The most famous free attraction is the Basilica di San Marco. The entrance to the central part, the general basilica, is entirely free. Access to the Treasury has a small entrance fee. But are you looking for genuine cheap deals in Venice?

Then you can buy cheap tickets for the treasury >

Cheap Deals Venice with Discount Cards

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You can get a discount pass through the local tourist information website of Vènezia Unica. You put together various services that you think you will use. You can buy the Unica City Pass online in advance. For example, you can get cheap deals in Venice on the:

  1. land and water transfers to the airport and cruise terminal
  2. ACTV Tourist Travel Cards
  3. museum and church passes
  4. select parking space
  5. Wi-Fi throughout the city, and
  6. prepaid access to public toilets.

So you put together the card yourself. And it is by name. So, you must register your personal data in advance. I remain critical of the map. Also, it is difficult to determine in advance what you want to do. Are you really going to visit that museum? And do you really think you can use the vaporetto water bus that often? You deposit money in advance with a discount, but because everything is so in advance, I am not in favor of this CityPass. Excellent for the extra discount! 

But you get the most considerable discount if you...

...Are under 29 with the Rolling Venice Card

Rolling Venice Card Cheap Deal Venice

It's definitely a tip to get a discount in Venice! You can buy the "Rolling Venice" for € 6 at the ACTV office on Piazzale Roma Square. With this card, you can get all ACTV day tickets for almost half the price. You will, most of all, receive discounts on airport transfers, museums, monuments, and cultural events.

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