Skip the line Venice tickets are popular.
Buy fast access to museums in Venice - no waiting time.

Venice is one of the most popular and busiest tourist destinations in Italy. Avoid long queues by buying skip the line tickets online or tickets for guided tours.

Skip-The-Line Venice Italy

The most general tickets are; the San Marco Basilica and the Doge's Palace together. But how do you make sure that you can book these tickets, and what are the other options to avoid waiting in line?

Other ways to avoid queuing are to book a tour on the spot after closing time, arrive at the museum as early as possible, or visit the museum in the afternoon.

Then you avoid the crowds of tourists, and you hardly have to queue. But then you have to take the time into account. And that does not always fit into the schedule.

Advantages of 'skip the line Venice' tickets are that you do not have to plan in advance and do not lose time in queues during your holiday.

  • Enjoy entry with a ticket to both the Doge's Palace and the Basilica.
  • Avoid waiting up to 60 minutes outside St. Mark's Basilica and save time in other queues.
  • Discover the Basilica with a booked tour, including the stories around it and a better explanation of its history

I bought those Skip the line tickets, should I queue or not?

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Skip the line tickets available

If you are unprepared and arrive in Venice during summer season, it cannot be enjoyable. The tourist crowd is such a shock. There are long lines everywhere. Unfortunately, it can be bustling.

Be aware there are also waiting times with skip-the-line tickets. Because those tickets are popular. Due to the safety regulations, rows are still created. Only the duration of that queue is a difference. For example, you would rather spend 15 minutes in a 'skip the line' queue than 60 minutes in the standard row. That's why these tickets are still the best option!

In fact, skip the line tickets are for fast-track entry. Tickets are available for most of Venice's attractions, including the Doge's Palace, San Marco, and Peggy Guggenheim. You can buy the tickets at a tourist shop in Venice (Piazzale Roma and the Doge's Palace).

But it is easier to buy the tickets in advance online or in the app. This can even be done up to 10 minutes in advance, only via the mobile. Viator, GetYourGuide, and Tiqets are the largest booking sites. They generally have a simple booking process for the most popular attractions. Or book a tour that also gives you priority access.

Save time by purchasing entrance tickets in advance to top venues in Venice or prearranging guided tours.

According to, these are the best 'Skip the line' tours in Venice:

Which skip-the-line tours in Venice take 1 hour or less?

Which skip the line tours take extra security measures?

How does skip-the-line work?

Skip the line st. Marco Basilic

Skip-the-line tickets provide a reserved time slot or priority access to an attraction, allowing you to bypass the standard entry lines. Here’s how the process typically works in Venice, Italy:

  1. Online Purchase: You buy your tickets online in advance from an official attraction website or a third-party vendor.
  2. Selection of Time Slot: During the purchase, you often select a specific date and time for your visit, which helps manage the flow of visitors and reduces crowding.
  3. Electronic or Printed Tickets: After purchasing, you’ll receive a ticket via email, which you can either print out or show on your mobile device.
  4. Arrival at the Attraction: You’ll go to a designated entrance for skip-the-line ticket holders, separate from the general admission queue.
  5. Ticket Verification: At the entrance, staff will verify your ticket by scanning a barcode or checking your name against a reservation list.
  6. Direct Access: Once your ticket is verified, you’ll gain immediate or expedited access to the attraction, bypassing the regular lines.
  7. Guided Tours (if applicable): If your skip-the-line ticket includes a guided tour, you’ll typically meet with a tour guide at a designated spot and enter the attraction as a group.

Other essential tips around the San Marco Basilica

Admission to the basilica is free, but as a visitor, you pay € 2 for the Pala d'Oro altar, € 3 for the Treasury, € 5 for the San Marco Museum, and € 10 for entering the Campanile tower.

It is not recommended to carry heavy bags or backpacks. Or you should be able to put them there in a locker, but then you often have long queues;)

The price includes a 'skip the line' and a guided tour of the San Marco Basilica.

Make sure your body is covered by clothing, or bring a scarf to cover up before entering. Otherwise, you can not enter. Most San Marco Square restaurants are expensive and disproportionate to the price/quality. Walk the streets for better-priced restaurants. Take the elevator to the top of the Campanile (clock tower) and enjoy the incredible view. That 10 euros is well worth it.

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