Restaurant Punta Sabbioni, nearby Venice
Restaurant Outside the Crowded City of Venice
Good and Tasty Food

By Robin Stratman, (Netherlands Lelystad).


I know Venice, Italy, a little bit, so I want to show you this lovely place. I have the Best restaurant tip in Punta Sabbioni named ‘Albergo Villa Gentile.’ An excellent haven for Venice lovers in my favorite village, ‘Ca Savio.’

This village is situated at the end of Punta Sabbioni in Cavallino-Treporti. The place where many campsites are. It is outside the crowded city of Venice, but it is worth it when your accommodation is at Punta Sabbioni.

The restaurant which I want to let you know is; ‘Albergo Villa Gentile,’ a restaurant and hotel. The service in the hotel I didn’t experience myself, but it seems fine.

Below you will find the map with the location of the Restaurant. 

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I will eat here for a couple of years when I'm visiting this area, and the food is delicious, my favorite!

They have excellent service and a super appetizer with various fish species. Perfectly prepared by the chef, an absolute pleasure. 

The pizzas are like a painting. It's a restaurant where you can eat various foods with tasty seafood and shellfish without worrying you'll be sick.

Restaurant Punta Sabbioni - Albergo Villa Gentile

With my wife, I always share the plate with fish. For an entree, it is plenty. 'Teo' is a great owner.

It's a beautiful place: 10 min walk from Punta Sabbioni and 2 minutes to the bus stop. Parking at Punta Sabbioni costs 5, - per day.

I am going back there again to enjoy it. I hope this is an excellent review of your Venice Restaurant page.


  • Albergo Villa Gentile
  • Via di Ca 'Savio, 25, 
  • Cavallino-Treporti Venezia
  • Telephone: +39 041 530 1342
  • Top Rated at 'TripAdvisor'> 

Regards Robin Stratman

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Great Restaurant Tip

Great tip about this Restaurant. I haven't visited this Restaurant yet, but I will do that after your fantastic Restaurant, Venice tip!

How to reach Restaurant 'Albergo Villa Gentile'? From Venice, you go with the vaporetto boat to Punta Sabbioni. Then it is indeed about 10-20 minutes walk. Take vaporetto line 14 from Piazza San Marco' S. Zaccaria" (about 35min). Or take from F. Nove the Laguna line no. 12. Then you will pass the islands Murano, Burano, and Treporti, and this boat trip is about 80 min. 

Thanks, Robin, 

Ciao, Rudmer

How to cook the delights of Venetian cuisine by yourself

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The local Aperol Spritz, of polenta and shrimp, or ravioli with artichoke grilled monkfish, but also classics such as tiramisu, risotto, and bellini. In A Taste of Venice (order now), you will discover the richness of Venetian cuisine. Buon appetito !!

"Top Restaurants in Punta Sabbioni: Where to Dine and Delight"

Nestled at the tip of the Venetian Lagoon, Punta Sabbioni is more than just a gateway to the enchanting city of Venice. With its pristine beaches and tranquil ambiance, it also boasts a culinary landscape rich with regional flavors and breathtaking views.

1. The Culinary Landscape of Punta Sabbioni:

Venetian cuisine is celebrated for its seafood specialties and aromatic risottos. Punta Sabbioni, with its proximity to the sea, takes pride in offering some of the freshest seafood dishes paired with locally sourced ingredients. Imagine dining with views of the lagoon's gentle waves complementing the symphony of flavors on your plate.

2. Other Top Restaurants:

Ristorante: Calici e Mare

  • Cuisine: Traditional Venetian
  • Ambiance: Romantic beachfront setting
  • Specialty: Seafood risotto and fresh oysters
  • Price range: €€
  • Website: 
Punta Sabbioni Ristorante Calici-e-Mare

Trattoria Al Pescatore:

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Ambiance: Rustic and family-friendly
  • Specialty: Grilled sardines and polenta
  • Price range: €€
  • Website: Al Pescatore Instagram 
Punta Sabbioni Ristorante Al Pescatore

3. Dining Do's and Don'ts in Punta Sabbioni:


  • Book your table in advance, especially during peak tourist season.
  • Venture beyond the main streets to discover culinary gems frequented by locals.
  • Embrace local wines and aperitifs.
  • Always inquire about the day's specials.


  • Steer clear of places offering only "tourist menus" devoid of Italian options.
  • Be skeptical of eateries that remain deserted during typical dining hours.
  • Remember, in Italy, dining is a cherished event, not a rushed affair.

4. Local Dining Tips:

  • Freshness is a hallmark of Punta Sabbioni. Always ask about the catch of the day.
  • Seek out regional specialties distinct to Punta Sabbioni, setting it apart from Venice proper.
  • Enhance your dining experience with locally-produced wines, curating a symphony of flavors.

5. Conclusion:

Punta Sabbioni is not just a transit point or a peninsula with endless campsites but a culinary destination in its own right. As you indulge in its gastronomic offerings, you don't just taste food; you experience the very essence of the region.

Have you dined in Punta Sabbioni recently? Please share your experience with us on this page and place your comments. Or tag us on social media using #PuntaSabbioniEats.

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