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I was not planning to eat at Trattoria alla Madonna. But it still attracted to me, and I had read good reviews about this Venice restaurant. Also less nice reviews, but I have to try it by myself…

I was surprised, the restaurant was full. At the entrance I noticed that the restaurant is quite large with lots of tables. The first thing you notice is also the buffet bar, where all kinds of shellfish, salads and fish is ready to serve the guests.

One of my Favorite Restaurants in Venice 'Trattoria all Madonna'

We only had to wait for five minutes before we were assigned a table. Well, table...

A very small table and you're almost dining on the same table as your fellow guests. It is cozy, because you have to share the vinegar and olive oil. And we could easily see what the other guests ate (this makes it easy to order ;-).

Fried Sardines Venice Italy Restaurant

As an appetizer we ordered the famous Venetian fried sardines with salad. I had read that the fried eel (anguilla fritta) is very tasty.

And of course the spritz that goes with it. My wife had the special stuffed crab as a real dagger. So delicious we've never eaten.

Cran Venice Restaurant Madonna

After a tip from our fellow table neighbors, we ordered the extra 'Risotto'. Ooooh,, this is incredible, I've never eaten such tasty risotto. Along with the spritz and extra wine it was a top diner.

The service of this Venetian restaurant is excellent! The senior waiters are taking their time to cheer you up, making you comfortable. They are really focused to their guests to give them an enjoyable evening. You only hold your finger up and they are at your table.

Fried Eel Venice Restaurant Madonna

Ultimately, the menu is quite varied with also lasagna, spaghetti’s and soup. But the fish dishes predominate.

And the bill? I think it was cheap with a full menu and extra dishes I paid EUR 80, - (2 people). We left Trattoria alla Madonna with many sweet gestures towards the waiters.

In line waiting for a nice diner at Trattoria alla Madonna

Once outside it seemed as if the night had just begun. It was about 20:30 in the evening when we were done and there was a long line-up to eat at the restaurant.

And the feeling when you see that, you know you've been lucky. We were pleased that we were immediately ceded. This was a fantastic experience at Restaurant Trattoria alla Madonna.

Information Trattoria alla Madonna

Restaurant Italy Venice Trattoria Spritz
  • They are closed on Wednesdays.
  • They are open from 19:00.
  • The average price is EUR 35, - per person (excluding wine and drinks)
  • All credit cards are accepted

How do you get there?

  • Take vaporetto line 1 and get off at "Rialto Mercato”. It is a narrow street along the Rialto market street. You can reach it to walk from the feet of the Rialto Bridge a little bit along the Grand Canal. 
  • Address: Calle della Madonna 594, San Polo, Venice
  • Phone: +39 041 522 3824
  • Website:

You cannot book in advance. Make sure you get there around 19:00!  

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