What is the Venice Biennale? And how do I get tickets?
Where in Venice and what should you visit?

Here, you can read the most essential points about the Venice Biennial, art, and architecture. The Venice Biennale is an international event in Venice. It is an event where art and architecture from all over the world are shown.

They call it the biennale because one year, 'art' - Biennale Arte and the following year, 'architecture' - Biennale Architettura is held. Always between the end of May and November and every year, it has a different theme. To remember it well;

The art event is super old and full of traditions. It has been around since 1895, so more than 125 years. During the biennale, you will see contemporary art and architecture.

You have to like that, but dance, music, and theater are also part of the biennial, and the Venice Film Festival is also part of the event.

But we zoom in on the art and architecture part of the Biennale. More than 500,000 visitors attend these exhibitions and purchase tickets.

There are many tickets to view the international art projects at the Venice Biennale. How much do those tickets cost?

Here you can...


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...Buy tickets for the art and the architecture Venice Biennale

You can buy 'early bird' tickets until March. They cost around 25,00 euros.

You can purchase tickets for the biennale in advance via the official website www.labiennale.org or a digital ticket in your Tiqets app. Here is also the latest information.

It is good to know that the ticket always gives access to the two locations used by the Venice Biennale: the Giardini and the Arsenal. This ticket allows you to enter each location only once. The tickets are valid for 48 hours, but you can also get them for a longer duration.

Venice Biennale Tickets

In addition to the central locations in Giardini and Arsenale, numerous satellite exhibitions and events are spread across the city. These can range from individual artist presentations to larger thematic shows focused on that year's theme.

Are you in Venice? Then you can walk over and buy the tickets at the ticket desk. 

There is approximately a 5 to 10-minute walk between the two stops. See the map below to see where the Biennale will take place.

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  1. What is Venice Biennale? How to get tickets?

    May 24, 24 04:00 PM

    Here, you can read the most essential points about the Venice Biennial, art, and architecture. The Venice Biennale is an international event in Venice.

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Fortunately, you don't have to buy a ticket for everything. During the Biennale, there is much to experience and to see outside the Arsenal and Giardini. You can walk straight from San Marco Square to it.

But you can also reach the locations with the vaporetto. Get off at the "Giardini" or the "Arsenale" stop.

Where is Venice Biennale

If you want to visit the Biennale, you can do that on a Tuesday. It is often busy at weekends. And also during the first week of the Biennale. Then there is a lot of press present and the most important people. So it's better to visit on a weekday.

The two locations open at 10 a.m. in the morning. They both close around 6 p.m. Both buildings are wheelchair accessible, spacious, and have a cafe, bookstore, etc.

I can hear you thinking...

...10 good reasons why the Venice Biennale is so prestigious?

Where Biennale Venice

Venice was the first to create an art event in this way for more than 125 years. All other biennial exhibitions are copies of the Venice Biennial. The event in Venice is one of the leading art exhibitions in the world.

Around 90 different countries participate in the exhibitions. An international opportunity to meet worldly artists and artworks.

10 Key Reasons for Its Fame and Spectacle:

  1. International Platform: The Venice Biennale has promoted international collaboration and cultural exchange. It brings together artists, architects, filmmakers, and performers worldwide, making it a truly global event.
  2. Prestigious Art Exhibition: The International Art Exhibition features works by some of the world's most influential contemporary artists at the heart of the Venice Biennale. It also provides a platform for emerging talents, making it a hotspot for art enthusiasts and collectors.
  3. National Pavilions: The Venice Biennale features national pavilions representing countries worldwide. Each pavilion showcases the work of artists from that nation, giving visitors a glimpse into the global diversity of contemporary art.
  4. Biennale Architecture Exhibition: In addition to the art exhibition, the Venice Biennale also hosts the Architecture Biennale. It's an international platform for architects and designers to explore innovative ideas and architectural trends.
  5. Cutting-Edge Contemporary Art: The Venice Biennale has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. It often features avant-garde and experimental works that challenge conventional artistic norms and provoke thought and discussion.
  6. Venetian Setting: The event takes place in the stunning city of Venice, known for its unique architecture, canals, and historical significance. The city provides an exquisite backdrop for the Biennale's exhibitions and events.
  7. Cultural Events: Besides the art and architecture exhibitions, the Venice Biennale includes many cultural events, including film festivals, music and dance performances, theater productions, and more. This diverse program ensures there's something for everyone to enjoy.
  8. Artistic Directorship: Each edition of the Venice Biennale is curated by a different creative director, often a well-respected figure in the art world. Their vision and curation contribute to the uniqueness of each Biennale.
  9. Critical Acclaim: The Venice Biennale attracts worldwide attention from art critics, scholars, and media. It is a barometer of contemporary art trends and a significant event for art reviews and analysis.
  10. Global Impact: The Venice Biennale's influence extends beyond the event. Artists and projects featured here often gain international recognition and success, contributing to the global discourse on contemporary art.

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You've read about the Venice Biennale. There is plenty to explore, as you will read. Search my site on Venice and get inspired.

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