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Venice marathon 10km run

Is the Venice Marathon one of the best running races in Italy? Hell yes! The marathon is the most spectacular in the country. And it definitely belongs in my top 3 of worldwide running competitions that I have done.

Read on this page about the preparation, the route, and my own 10KM. Now I don't really have a running career. Certainly not worldwide. But this marathon in Venice really appealed to me. Not only because I share my passion with you about this Italian city, but imagine, running through Venice...

Yes, I decided! I'm going to participate! Not those 42 kilometers, but you can also sign up for the last 10KM. I will take it easy and enjoy this unique run.

The Venice Marathon takes place every year on the last weekend of October on a Sunday. Everyone can participate! Read more information on the official website before I tell you about my own experience.

I booked over a week. And it is also "quality" time with my lovely wife. Besides that, I, of course, have many new experiences. The 10KM run is an extra catch ;).

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My arrival was on Tuesday afternoon. Sunday is the 10KM run, but that gives me time to prepare.

Enough time to visit places that I have not yet been to. For example, I have not seen everything I want to tell you about Lido.

And the authentic Venetian restaurants are also a goal of my trip. And my wife is also pleased with that.

First how to stay during this sportive week? This was in a...

...Hotel suitable for the Venice Marathon

Hotel during Venice Marathon

And a hotel at a great location in the center of Venice. My arrival with the Alilaguna boat at the "Rialto" stop went smoothly and quickly.

I had to search on google navigation to find the hotel. Quite tricky because it is still busy with people in the streets. Fortunately, one alley, past a well-known restaurant (which is indicated in google navigation) and then a small square. The hotel should be here.

Do you want to travel from the airport to Venice with the Express Bus Service? That's also possible!

And yes, there is a small sign with the name of the hotel. Fortunately, it is still light outside, and this search went well. I know many stories that people sometimes spend hours looking for their hotel.

Hotel Vagon is thrilled when I talk about my participation in the Venice Marathon. I also told about my website activities about Venice, but without any premeditation.

Suddenly we get another key from an available room. Now a room with a canal view. Well, that makes a difference. I thank the best sir, but this should not have been necessary.

Interested in the real marathon of Venice? The 42 kilometers? Here you have the route of this unique 42KM run.

Anyway, we came here for the 10KM run, part of the marathon in Venice... More on how to do it...

...Preparing for the Venice Marathon?

To train and get fit... I can't help you with that. However, when registering via You can register via the website and make a payment. It will cost between EUR 30 and EUR 60, and the 42kM Marathon has higher entry fees.

You will receive a confirmation by mail. On the website, you can find a lot of practical information about the route and registration for the Venice Marathon. 

Run the 10KM in Venice Italy? I did it!

Okay, so I do the 10KM and tell you about my preparation. On Saturday, the day before the running race, you must collect the running package. This is in the San Guiliano park, where you can quickly go with the Tram L1.

You get off at the park. This is also the starting point of the 10KM run, which has no prize money or anything like that. You only have to complete the run within the time of 1:45 hours.

The park is spacious, and behind the crowd, I could easily find the starting point and where it all takes place. You see an entire camp with aluminum tents where the registration and organization are located. Your goal is to collect your Bib number and your race package.

You received your confirmation at home much earlier. At least that was the case with me. I don't know they still do that. You will also receive a lot of sponsors, snacks, and running tips. But you are done here quickly and can return to Venice to prepare yourself mentally for tomorrow.

Information and route of the 10KM Venice Marathon

It starts the next day. I slept well and got up early because it starts at 8:30 am. Fortunately, I was not the only one who got up early. Tram L1 is packed again with runners towards the San Guiliano park. This is well arranged (free of charge) with the free transport of your luggage to the finish.

A little nervous, and I am alone. Then the indication for the approximately 3,000 runners to go to the start. I'm somewhere in the middle. What a crowd of people. And then wait another 10 minutes for the starting shot.

Route? About 10.7km. It starts in the park and then by the side of the road, and slowly on the large bridge Ponte della Libertà connecting Venice to the mainland. This is actually the best.

You observe, the city of Venice coming towards you and you have the view over the city and the lagoon. After some back roads, you will arrive at the south side of Venice. You will continue running on the pebbles, the broad pebble streets, and along the water.

Running from bridge to bridge and crossing a unique wooden platform bridge (170 meters long) over the Grand Canal towards San Marco Square. A semicircle here and then along the quay towards the finish.

Ringing cheers at the finish! And my name has been called and my finish time. My wife nowhere to be seen, sip water and a banana. I made it, sweaty and proud. My time was 1:11 hours. That is far too long, but I have stopped and taken photos on the way and enjoyed an easy walk. Then I could relax and experience my wife's hug on this beautiful sunny day. I participated in the Venice Marathon...! Yeah!

You've read about the Venice Marathon. There is plenty to explore as you see. Discover Venice on my site and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

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