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I share my passion; the City of Venice, and now also about Veneto Wine ;)

I'm going to introduce you to the wines from the Veneto region. Have you also had this? That you drink more wine and understand the taste better? You develop a love for the wine, and you can taste the differences.

I have this for the last two years. In Venice, you have many wine bars with wines from Veneto. That's why please read on about my favorite wines. You can buy the wines via the links from my affiliate partners.

Drink wines from Veneto when you are in Venice Italy

Venice is the capital of the Veneto area. Historically, The city had a lot of influence and power in the wine trade field. Later, when the region got its own wine culture, it developed its unique method of wine preparation.

Residents of the Veneto started to make wine from grapes that they dried. They call this the "apessimento method." The grapes are dried on wooden crates immediately after harvest, losing 25% to 40% of their weight.

They still use this technique and make Veneto wines very popular.

Curious about the taste, and...

...which wines from Veneto are delicious?

The Veneto stretches from Lake Garda to the Adriatic Sea. The hills of the Alps are the area's boundary to the river Po. The vineyards are known for their related wine families.

They say the best-tasting wine is in Valpolicella, near Verona and east of Lake Garda. They have the most famous wines from Veneto. The hills lie against the marble quarries, and you have many (small) wine companies and good wine production.

The delicious wine family comes from the Valpolicella:

  • Bardolino is a fresh, dry red wine and has a ruby-red color
  • Valpolicella, lighter wine, fruity and cherry with a bit of spice
  • Ripasso, due to the longer drying process, is more intense, rounder, and more concentrated flavors
  • Amarone is a full wine with plum, cherry, and a fruit character and spices

The more complex, the darker the color and the more characteristics you taste. All members of this wine family start with the same blend of grapes:

  • Corvina
  • Rondinella
  • Molinara
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The grapes have been picked when they are the ripest.

My own favorite wine is the Antica Viti Amarone Della ValpolicellaThe Amarone wine is the most sophisticated wine with deep red color and fullness. Ideal for braised meat and aged cheese. The wine was something special for the Italian families in the Veneto. Not something to drink every day, but only on occasion. An Amarone starts with a price of about 20 euros per bottle.

I know when I drink Amarone wine, they are from the same grapes as the others in the family. But the characters differ when they add extra ingredients, such as cherries. It also tastes different when the vines are on different soil or slopes.

And, of course, the winegrower's philosophy and love are essential. This can make the difference by, for example, allowing the grape to dry for 10 days more or 10 days less.

What about the...

...white wines from the Veneto?

White Wines from VenetoWhite Wines from Veneto you drink together

The success of the wines from Veneto is most significant because of the Prosecco wine from this region. But worldwide, the Soave is a better-quality wine. The vineyards are located between Verona and Venice. I would, therefore, like to take you along in both wines from Veneto.

First, something about the Soave white wines. The wine is slightly dry and has a subtle taste. The vineyards are on volcanic soil, and the grapes contained in it are:

  • Garganega (main grape for the Soave)
  • Trebbiano
  • Pinot Blanc and/or Chardonnay
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The Soave wine is cultivated on the hills and in the flatter landscape. That is why significant quality differences are noticeable. The Soave Classico comes from the hilly terrain, and the regular Soave from the flatter vineyards.

You also have the soft sweet dessert version of the Soave. This is the Recioto di Soave, where the Garganega grape is dried longer. The sugars are not all converted to alcohol. The sweet Soave is, therefore, delicious as a dessert. 

And then that other wine...

...The Prosecco wines from Veneto

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My wife loves it. The wine is easy to drink. It bubbles and does not have to have as much alcohol (at least 8.5%). The Veneto and the Friuli region (an area above the Veneto) disagree on who came first with this new sparkling wine. Still, according to the DOC (Italian Quality Assurance), they can produce both. This also prevents the proliferation of the real Prosecco and the lesser qualities often found in supermarkets.

The Prosecco wine is made with the grape "Glera." Slightly sweet in taste. Formerly the name of this grape was "Prosecco," but there was confusion because an Italian region is also called Prosecco. It was then decided to rename the vine.

The difference between the Prosecco wines from Veneto is related to the amount of carbon dioxide. Prosecco has 3 - 6 bar (Spumante) or 1 - 2.5 bar (Frizzante). The Prosecco with the most bar also fizzes best and even tingles on your tongue.

Perhaps you are in Venice, and you are wondering...

...Where can I drink that Quality Wine in Venice?

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Yes, if you are there, I recommend visiting a wine bar in Venice. Be tempted that the host gives you information about the wine you drink. After all, quality is crucial in Italy. And the Veneto region plays a vital role in this because it is true that more than 25% of the DOC are wines from Veneto.

DOC means; Denominazione di Origine Controllata. It means it has a "controlled origin" and is a quality label in Italy. It ensures the quality assurance of the products. The red wine family "Valpolicella" and the white wines "Prosecco" and "Soave" have such a qualification.

If you drink in Venice, you must say 'umbra' with a glass of white wine. In fact, this means shade. It comes from when the wine was put in the shade of the Campanile tower to keep it fresh. The fountain standing there can also be found under the tower's shadow. During the Carnival, no water comes out of the lions but wine. Well thought out to remember this wine tradition.

How do you order a glass of wine in Venice? Wine = il vino. Red = Rosso. White = Bianco. Dry = Secco. Full flavor = Corposo or Strutturato. A useful phrase to use is: Prendo un piccolo bicchiere di bianco (I take a small glass of white).

How much does a bottle of Veneto wine cost? You can already buy a bottle for 8 euros. Excellent wine from the Valpolicella starts at 20 euros.

How much wine a day do they drink in Venice? On average, an Italian drinks about 37 liters of wine per year. It is about 0.1 liter per day.

Which wine bar should you go to in Venice? The wine bar I recommend is "Estro." They also pour my favorite wine, the Amarone, from the Valpolicella family. You can enjoy the wine and eat dinner at the same time. Estro has a perfect location in the vibrant district of Venice. This cozy wine bar with wooden furniture is hosted and owned by two brothers, Alberto, and Dario Spezzamonte. Best of all, you can buy wine bottles here. And that is no exception!

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