From Airport to Lido
Best Options and Arriving Late in the Evening

Tip) No worries. A simple airport transfer? Pre-book a Taxi to get from & to the Airport 

This is Lido S.M.E. where you arrive with the Alilaguna or Vaporreto boatThis is Lido S.M.E. where you arrive with the Alilaguna or Vaporreto boat

Nearby Venice, there is Lido island. With the vaporetto boat, it takes 15 minutes to reach. On my contact page, I often receive questions about how to get from Airport to Lido;

"Rudmer, can you please help me? I'm going to Venice with my husband. How do we get from the airport to the island Lido? We have a hotel on Lido (Hotel Le Boulevard)". 

I can inform you precisely what to do. 

Tip) No worries. A simple airport transfer? Pre-book a Taxi to get from & to the Airport 

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From Treviso: The best and easiest option is from Treviso Airport with the ATVO shuttle bus to Venice (Piazzale Roma). There are almost no alternatives.

From Piazzale Roma, you take the boat (vaporetto) no. 5.1 to Lido S.M.E. It leaves every 30 minutes. Getting to Lido from Treviso Airport will cost you at least € 30, - p.p. for the bus and the vaporetto.

From Marco Polo Airport: You can take the Alilaguna boat (blue line) towards Lido. At the airport, there are adequate directions for getting from the terminal to the Alilaguna boat.

But what to do when your flight schedule is in the evening? For example, arriving between 9 pm and 1 am? Read more...

...Arriving Late in the Evening or Early in the Morning

Alilaguna boat to Lido

I advise people to prepare for their trip to Venice. Especially if you land at Treviso Airport with cheaper airlines, such as Ryanair, it is better to read about how to go from the airport to Lido. Tourists are surprised when they have to travel over 26 miles to get from the airport to Venice. 

Fortunately, public transport is excellent, and Treviso Airport adjusted its service for tourists to Venice. However, when you return from Lido to Treviso, arriving on time for your early flight is brutal. Therefore, it might be a good idea to reserve a taxi.

Take into account a two-hour journey from Lido to Treviso Airport. So, if your flight is before 9.00 am, it is best to take a water taxi from Lido, which takes you to Piazzale Roma. Vaporetto boats on Lido are active from 6:00 am, but water taxis are present.

ATVO bus to Venice from Treviso Airport

From Piazzale Roma, you take the ATVO shuttle bus to Treviso Airport. This service leaves from 5:30 am. The next one is at 6:00 am. So in the morning, you must calculate around 45 minutes by bus to Treviso.

When you arrive late in the evening at the airport, please know that: From Treviso Airport to Lido, the shuttle buses ATVO departure until 10.25 pm to VENEZIA. One return ticket costs EUR 22 -. If you buy more, you have a discount. A return ticket for the ATVO bus, you can pre-order online ATVO tickets >

After midnight the vaporetto boats are still scheduled to transfer people to their destination. You can take vaporetto boat 1 or 5.1 (which is faster).

Another option is to take a taxi from Treviso Airport to Venice (Piazzale Roma). The costs are approximately € 90-120 per taxi. You can book a cab on my own domain These taxis can also be booked the other way around from Venice to Treviso Airport.

Your journey to Lido is, of course, because of the...

...Hotels in Lido

If I chose a hotel outside Venice, I would prefer a hotel on the island of Lido. After all, it is the best experience because you are in the lagoon and with the vaporetto boat it is easy to reach St. Mark's Square. Furthermore, hotels on Lido are relatively cheaper...

The hotel I recommend regarding price and quality is Byron Hotel on Lido. But you can also feel free to take another hotel. From Hotel Byron You walk in 10 minutes from the vaporetto stop 'Lido S.M.E..'

Another place to sleep on the island is  Hotel Residence Venezia 2000. From the vaporetto stop in Lido, it is a 10 to 15 minutes walk. You can also take the bus. The buses are driving on the main roads.

You can take bus line 'A' direction P.le Rava - Ospedale al Mare take. However, you must get off at the bus stop 'D'Annunzio Fronte Civico 1. It is about 3 minutes by bus. Otherwise, you can ask for help from the bus driver… The driver knows your hotel for sure…

One major drawback with a hotel on Lido is the transportation from Airport to Lido. But as you read on this page, there are enough possibilities. Please take into account it is two hours from Treviso Airport to Lido. 

It is hard to reach Lido from Treviso airport, but it is doable. So, what about...

...From Marco Polo airport to Lido?

It is preferable to take the Alilaguna boat from Marco Polo Airport to Lido. This boat is the fastest option from the airport.

Departure Alilaguna from airport to LidoDeparture Alilaguna from airport to Lido waiting for next boat...

It takes about 55 minutes to Lido island. Every hour there is an Alilaguna boat. You should take the blue route.

A return ticket for the Alilaguna costs about EUR 27 -. A single ticket costs EUR 15 -. There you can buy in the arrival hall at Marco Polo Airport and the place of departure, Alilaguna.

Tip) You can buy a single ticket for Alilaguna when you return to the airport by using vaporetto no. 1 to Piazzale Roma (more than 1-hour journey). Then depart from Piazzale Roma (shuttle) buses to Marco Polo Airport. Note that a single ticket for the vaporetto costs € 9.50 in the machine and is valid on all vaporetto lines in and around Venice.

Another option is to take a water taxi from Lido to Piazzale Roma and take the bus to the airport. The water taxi will cost between EUR 85 - and 120 - for one ride. So quite pricey. But you can use the water taxi for up to 8 people, making it cheaper.

To get around on Lido is easy peasy. The transport is excellent to get from A to B or the Vaporetto station to Venice by boat. Therefore, I advise you to...

...Use the Tourist Travel Card in Lido

When staying on the island of Lido, it is convenient to buy a travel card. Tickets for ACTV 24 - 72-Hour transport. Easy public transportation around Venice, including vaporetto and bus.

You have unlimited use, which is perfect since you must cross the lagoon from Lido to Venice. And the card is also applicable on local buses in Lido.

Venice Tourist Travel Card:

To use public transport in Venice, you can purchase tickets. Normal price of 1 ticket € 9,50 (75 minutes) in the machine or ACTV desk. 

Book the Tourist Travel Card Online >

  • 75 Minute Ticket (ACTV vaporetti only)

More information ACTV service

I recommend buying the travel card after you check into the hotel. At that time, you have a good sense of how big Venice is and how to get precisely everywhere. And that's fine, you get lost, and that's the most fun. 

You cannot use the travel card for the ATVO shuttle bus or the Alilaguna lines

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