How do you Travel from Airport to Mestre?
I Recommend the Options and the Best Transfers

Tip) No worries. A simple airport transfer? Pre-book a Taxi to get from & to the Airport 

It is part of your trip to Venice, but it can be frustrating! First, you booked your flight and hotel in Mestre, and now you notice you have to arrange a transfer from Airport to Mestre.

I can recommend you two options from Marco Polo Airport. Thanks to a visitor on my site, 'Susan'! She had booked the Mercure hotel in the suburb of Mestre, near Venice. And Susan was immensely helped with my information. So I will show you how to get from the airport to Mestre.

From Airport to Mestre with ATVO

The fastest one! Every half an hour, an ATVO bus departs from Marco Polo Airport to the Mestre Railway Station (FS). A total trip of 17 minutes and costs about EUR 10, - p.p. Short bus trip, comfortable and with air conditioning. Buy your ATVO ticket here >

If you booked the same Mercure Hotel as Susan, I advise you to take the ATVO bus to Mestre Railway station.

From here, it is a 30 minutes walk to arrive at the Mercure hotel. But, please take from the station in Mestre a Taxi to the Hotel. It's only a ride of 10 minutes. This transfer is what Susan did... I use a good website where you can pre-book a taxi. Visit my unique Taxi website. A good thing about this is that the driver picks you up, and you know upfront the agreed price.

Another option from the airport to Mestre is to take bus number 15 with public transport from the company ACTV. The bus stops at different places in Mestre and also near the Mercure Hotel. But, again, you can ask the bus driver, who usually can indicate where to get off.

Tip! When you arrive early at the airport, you don't want to go straight to the hotel. Instead, you can immediately explore Venice and go from Venice to your hotel in the evening. From the airport, go to the Alilaguna boat service to Venice. Then, when you go to Mestre, take the train towards Mestre from Venice station 'Santa Lucia.'

From Treviso Airport to Mestre, there is only one best option. Take the ATVO shuttle to Mestre-Venezia and continue the route from Mestre railway station. Then, buy your ATVO ticket from Treviso Airport.

People always ask for cheap public transport in Venice. How can you...

...Buy a day-ticket for Public Transport?

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It is good to know that ACTV organizes the public transport in Mestre and around Venice, including the water bus (vaporetto) and buses on land in Mestre (also on Lido).

With a Tourist Travel Card, you save money if you use many of these transports. For example, the bus fare is € 1,50 and € 3,00 on board, but the vaporetto boat costs € 9,50 in the machine (valid 75 minutes per person).

Buying the Tourist Travel Card can be done at the airport at an ACTV counter. But you cannot use the tickets yet.

If you buy the card at the airport, you cannot use it for the direct ATVO shuttle or ACTV buses that go to and from Marco Polo Airport. Additionally, you cannot use the Tourist Travel Card on the ferry Alilaguna lines.

Tourist Travel Card:

To use public transport in Venice, you can purchase these tickets. Price of 1 ticket € 9,50 (75 minutes) in the machine or ACTV desk. Or online via €12,50.

  • €25,00 - €35,00 1 DAY TRAVELCARD
  • €35,00 - €40,00 2 DAYS TRAVELCARD
  • €45,00 - €50,00 3 DAYS TRAVELCARD
  • €65,00 - €70,00 7 DAYS TRAVELCARD

More information ACTV service or Book the Tourist Travel Card Online >

Airport to Mestre time

I advised Susan that buying a tourist travel card is better when you are in Venice. Remember that Venice is fabulous. You will walk a lot.

It's romantic to stroll through the narrow streets and over the tiny bridges. However, to take a vaporetto boat is mostly to arrive somewhere faster or at a specific destination. Therefore, with the day card Tourist Travel Card it is convenient to travel in Mestre and Venice.

How to get to your hotel in Mestre? First, read about how to get to the...

...Airport to Mestre & from Mestre to Venice...

Your hotel is in Mestre. This location means you still have to go from Mestre to Venice. Many large hotels (including Mercure) own a shuttle bus.

They bring their guests to Piazzale Roma in Venice. To be sure, you can ask in advance by email to the hotel.

Not all hotels outside Venice have a shuttle bus. Therefore, it is good to know that Piazzale Roma is the starting point. It's where people park their cars and get out a bus or a tram. Then, you can continue your way into Venice from this square with a water bus (vaporetto).

You can use the Tourist Travel Card or buy a separate ticket (EUR 9,50 in the machine). Please don't forget to check in with your ticket before entering the vaporetto boat. Since 2014 there is also a tram connecting Mestre and Venice. The Travel Card is also applicable for this tram.

Another option to reach Venice from Mestre is by using the train. Every 10 minutes there is a train from Mestre to Venice. From the Mercure hotel, you can take bus no. 6 to Mestre train station. It's just one station to Venezia Santa Lucia; a train ticket is a few euros.

From the Venice train station 'Santa Lucia' it is easy to hop on a vaporetto boat! When you arrive in Venice, taking a boat on the Grand Canal is one of the first remarkable things. Consider it your first sightseeing tour and enjoy, be curious and take pictures. When you get off the vaporetto boat, try to walk through the small streets, crossing squares and bridges…

Buy a good map or guidebook! And get lost…

Visit my unique Taxi website. A good thing about this is that the driver picks you up, and you know upfront the agreed price.

You've read about how to get from Airport to Mestre. There is plenty to explore. Read my site and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

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