How to reach Venice from the Airport?

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Reach Venice from the Airport with the ATVO shuttle busGet from the Airport in Venice with the ATVO shuttle bus

And I? I've tried everything to arrive in Venice, except on my bicycle to Venice ;)... So please share with me your bicycle experience in Venice.

What is also very helpful to do is to book a Bicycle Tour. I was surprised that it was possible, but you can schedule a bike tour in Venice. You go with a guide to Lido and much more. Maybe it doesn't help you to go from Mestre to Venice, but it is indeed an excellent activity in Venice. Decide for yourself >

I'm well experienced, but I can imagine you have doubts about your hotel transfer. Public transport and flight schedules are mostly connected. Even when you arrive late in the evening, there is a solution with the ATVO or ACTV services. Buy your ATVO tickets from Treviso Airport here. And yes, I used this bus quite often. Relax though. Air conditioning and you can store much luggage. It is still a long drive but comfortable.

From Treviso airport, you have the opportunity to hire a taxi, take a (shuttle) bus, or a car. But, I went with a bus service no. 6 to Treviso train station, and I took the train to Venice, Italy. This train trip was a pleasant experience and slightly different from most tourism transfers.

How to reach Venice from the Airport?

Is arrival at Marco Polo Airport the most convenient? At this airport, there are accessible opportunities to reach Venice. For example, you are using a taxi boat, the Alilaguna boat, the (shuttle) ATVO buses, ACTV buses, and rental cars.

ACTV Aerobus is the cheapest solution,,, I take it often by myself...

Did you know I drove from the Netherlands to Venice in my car? A journey of 14 hours… Sorry, I suddenly remember this trip... It was such a long ride to reach Venice. Read more about my story.

Now, I would like to turn it around. I will pass it on to you... Please share your story with me. Did you fly to Venice? How was your experience? Do you have tips or other ways to get from the airport? And what is the fastest and most comfortable way?

I like to read it from you. And I'm sure that other visitors to my site will be very grateful. And let's face it... Is it fun to talk about your best experiences in such a romantic city?

And maybe you've had a terrible experience with how to reach Venice. Or perhaps you think the fare of using a taxi boat is too high. If I had enough money, I knew it... Indeed, taking a water taxi is comfortable.

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