Higher Venice Tourist Tax but is not affecting local residents
Extra tax for the First 5 nights & The Rates Vary by Season.

Do I have to pay extra Venice tourist tax? Why? Venice, Italy, also feels the consequence of an economic crisis in Europe. Tourists are spending fewer nights in the city. They think twice before they spend their money. 

The local government is collecting a better income by raising the tax and, since 2011, tourists in the city who overnight have to pay an extra high fee. Let them, please, use this additional income to renovate the town!!! What do you think? 

Venice Tourist Tax - hot for kids arsenalIn summer it can be very hot. Kids under 10 years old don't pay Venice tourist tax

The tax introduction is the result of the decision of the Italian government and Venetian city. They permitted the local Italian authorities to stimulate tourism for the long term, which means the preservation of cultural heritage, the environment and financing of public services.

Another result is...

...Due to the Venice Tourist Tax Hotels are Expensive

The tourist tax, which is not affecting the residents, will be levied on the first five nights in the city. The rates vary by season (low and high), location (mainland, the islands, and the old town), and accommodation type.

Do you want hotel rates in Venice, B & B, camping sites, and cottages? The fares on the Venice accommodation article are inclusive of this tax!

The tourist tax rate can vary based on factors such as the type of accommodation, the time of year, and the age of the visitor. Different rates might apply for different categories of accommodations. Typically, the tax is calculated per person, per night, and is payable at the time of check-in or check-out.

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Children between 10 and 16 years pay half price. Children under 10 pay no tax at all in Venice. And travelers who stay in youth hostels and other facilities owned by the City of Venice remain unaffected by the city tax.

So what does this mean for your holiday in Venice? When staying in high season in a Venetian five-star hotel, you will pay € 4.50 per person per night. In the low season, you will pay for the same hotel € 0.70 less. The taxes for the less luxurious stay is variable, so this doesn't make a big difference in price.

As a visitor to Venice, you will not notice this extra tourist tax directly. The hotels and other accommodations included this tax already in their nightly rates. You can imagine; a stay of 3 nights will already cost you an extra of max. € 13,50. But this depends on your accommodation and the season.

For example, you paid for your hotel via Booking.com. Still, typically the Venice Tourist Tax is not included in the initial hotel booking rate and is paid separately upon check-in or check-out. This tax is usually collected by the accommodation providers, such as hotels, bed, and breakfasts, or vacation rentals, and then forwarded to the local authorities. It's essential to clarify this with your accommodation provider when you make your booking or when you check in to avoid any misunderstandings.

And you? Did you notice when you paid this higher tax? I hope the fee is for the proper purpose and way to preserve Venice... That will be good for the residents of Venice. They are very proud of their city from the water! And we have to protect the city against more commercial initiatives.

Venice-Guide-RudmerAlso a tourist like me have to pay tax

Are there more cities like Venice that have the same tax system?

Yes, many cities in Italy and worldwide have implemented similar tourist tax systems to generate revenue for local infrastructure, tourism promotion, and other related initiatives.

These taxes are often charged to visitors staying overnight in accommodations. Here are a few examples of cities in Italy and beyond that have implemented tourist taxes or similar fees:

  1. Florence (Firenze): Like Venice, Florence also has a tourist tax that visitors must pay when staying in accommodations within the city. The tax rates and regulations are similar to those in Venice.
  2. Rome: Rome also has a tourist tax, which varies depending on the accommodation type and the visitor's age. The tax is payable per person per night and is collected by the accommodation providers.
  3. Barcelona: In Spain, Barcelona has a tourist tax known as the "tourist tax for overnight stays." It's collected from visitors staying in accommodations such as hotels, hostels, and apartments. The tax amount varies based on the type of accommodation and the season.
  4. Paris: Paris, France, has a "city tax" collected from accommodations tourists. The tax rate varies based on the accommodation type and the hotel's location within the city.
  5. Amsterdam: in the Netherlands, Amsterdam also has a tourist tax collected from visitors staying in accommodations. The tax rate is typically a fixed amount per person per night.
  6. Venice, California: Not to be confused with Venice, Italy, the city of Venice in California, USA, has a hotel tax that visitors pay when staying in local accommodations. The tax revenue supports the city's tourism-related efforts.

These are just a few examples, and many other cities in popular tourist destinations worldwide have implemented similar systems. Researching and inquiring about local tourist taxes before your trip is always recommended to ensure you know of any additional costs associated with your stay.

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