Gondolas in Venice Part of the World Heritage?
Or a Plastic Version for Cheaper Amusement Costs

Gondolas in VeniceAuthentic Gondolas in maintenance.

The authentic gondolas in Venice, and the longboats in the canals of Venice, Italy, should be on the world heritage list.

The fact about Venice is that they fear cheap plastic versions will replace the wooden boats...

Because nowadays, the gondola is only for amusement, and the feeling of an organized theme park is coming close. Unfortunately, an amusement park like this does already exist in China; Dalian China >

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Plastic gondolas are a threat. The Venice Gondola Association believes that it is a shame if synthetic versions will replace wooden gondolas.

Mainly because they are essential for their cityscape, it is disrespectful to this wooden heritage, and it takes months to make a wooden gondola. And to be an owner of a gondola goes from generation to generation in one family.

Can you imagine a picture of Venice without a traditional authentic Venice gondola?

Are you planning to take a gondola when you're in Venice? The fares of a trip in a gondola usually start at €85, - (daytime) and will take about 30-45 minutes. Using a Ticket service when sharing a gondola is also possible. A gondola ride will only cost €34. - (30 minutes). Book your tickets >

A romantic gondola tour for many is still a highlight during a visit to Venice.


...Gondolas in Venice have a huge value

Gondolas in Venice Authentic

The City Council decided in 2009 that the wooden stick which accompanies the gondola not to replace by a plastic version. "The traditional and protected gondolas and the materials are essential to ensure Venetian gondola continues to exist," said Aldo Reato, chairman of the Venice Gondola Association.

Suppose the gondola will be on the World Heritage list. In that case, changing something in its traditional Venice design is illegal. Venice is also trying to put its famous carnival on the sublist. The campaign to ensure this starts soon.

In the 16th century, there were about 10,300 gondolas in Venice. Today there are only 400 active. The winter season typically maintains the gondolas in the first gondola yards. Some gondoliers are members of cooperatives. These are the; Venetian Gondoliers' Cooperative "Daniele Manin."

A new traditional black gondola costs about EUR 15,000, and maintenance is expensive. They are about 10 meters long, almost 1.5 meters wide, and weigh 350 kg. Gondolas in Venice comprises a total of 280 units. The different parts are walnut pegs (forcola) and the seven-pointed arch iron (ferrous). Learn to handle a real Venetian Gondola? You can read it in that article in the last paragraph.

Why it is so important to keep the gondola?

Gondolas in Venice Authentic

Gondolas in Venice is a part of the city's rich cultural heritage. They hold significant historical, cultural, and artistic value, contributing to Venice's unique charm and identity as a World Heritage Site.

Gondolas have been an iconic mode of transportation in Venice for centuries. These boats are a traditional and romantic means of navigating the city's intricate network of canals.

The handcrafted wooden boats are skillfully constructed using traditional techniques passed down through generations, making them intricate works of art. Their elegant design and unique features, such as the distinctive "ferro" (ornamental prow), showcase the craftsmanship of Venetian artisans. Take a Classic Gondola Ride

Gondolas also have cultural and social importance. Historically, they were used by the Venetian nobility and wealthy merchants, reflecting the city's luxury and status. Today, they remain a symbol of Venetian culture and are often associated with special occasions and tourism. The role of the gondolier, who navigates the boat using a single oar, is a time-honored profession that requires extensive training and expertise.

While it might seem feasible to introduce cheaper, plastic versions for amusement, such an approach would undermine the authenticity and heritage of Venice. The city's designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site underscores the importance of preserving its unique cultural legacy.

Introducing plastic gondolas could dilute the historical significance and artistic value that the traditional wooden gondolas bring to the city.

Initiatives like modernizing water transportation for efficiency and environmental sustainability while maintaining the authenticity of iconic gondolas are being considered.

In summary, Gondolas in Venice are integral to the city's World Heritage status. They represent centuries of cultural, artistic, and historical significance. They are not replaced with plastic versions for cheaper amusement due to the need to preserve Venice's authentic heritage. While the city grapples with modern challenges, efforts are focused on finding innovative solutions that respect its unique identity and contribute to a sustainable future.

By Rudmer Hoekstra (author):

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