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But is this true? A romantic Venetian gondola tour is for many the highlight of a visit to Venice. A 50 minute trip (maximum six people) during the day will cost EUR 80 - 90.

Quite expensive,,,, and the route will depend on where you start. Ask this the Gondolier. But, I have a better way.

Therefore, Already want to reserve a Gondola ride? You can book this at Tiqetsand a ticket is around EUR 32,-. A gondola trip on the canals of Venice Italy will last at least 30 minutes. Book your tickets >

Where to find the Gondolas in Venice?

Venetian GondolaGet the best price for a gondola

The locations of the gondola stations in front of the San Marco, in front of the Hotel Danieli, behind the San Marco Square, at the Campo Santa Sofia, near the Rialto Bridge, the vaporetto Station San Toma and Giglio and Vallaresso.

Do you love romance? Dreaming of a gondola gliding through the narrow streets of Venice Italy is what a lot of people want to do! 

My first gondola ride was romantic and peaceful. I crossed the Venice area ‘Santa Croce.’ But, another busy time I started from the San Marco, gliding through the busy canals in the San Marco area. This time I enjoyed less because of the crowded waters and the paves with tourism.

A unique tip is to combine a gondola ride. You will receive 4 'skip the line' tickets and access to four museums in Venice. Such as the Doge's Palace. Therefore combine the Doge's Palace & Gondola ride and take advantage!

I also enjoyed because I prepared my gondola ride sufficient to know that...

The gondola is a precious wooden vessel 
Where is the Venetian Gondola made of 

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They are just over 10 meters long, barely 1.5 meters wide and almost a weigh about 350 kilograms. It is in total consisting of 280 units.

The different parts of the gondola is a thole (forcola) from walnut wood and the seven-pointed 20-pound iron bow (ferrous).

In the 16th century, there were about 10.300 gondolas in Venice. Today there are still 400 active. Notably, in the winter the gondola yards are fully booked for maintenance. A New traditional black gondola will cost approximately EUR 15.000.

Venice fears a "plasticized amusement park parody" of their gondola. Cheaper plastic versions in the same style of a wooden gondola. For the same reason, the city council decided in 2009 to not replace the wooden poles with synthetic versions.

Well, I certainly don't hope so... Do you want to do something unique when you stay in Venice? How? 

Learn to handle a Venetian Gondola

Why not learn to handle a gondola by yourself and master the traditional Venetian way.

There are two companies where you can learn how to ride a gondola by yourself. They teach you how to move a gondola elegant and through the canals. The courses are taking place between March and October.

Venetian Gondola Venice

By Rudmer Hoekstra (author):

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