Have a Choice between a Hotel Mestre or Lido? 
I will tell you the Differences & Tips for Each Location.
So you can Make a Choice with Better Options.

A cheap Hotel Mestre or Lido? Staying in a hotel nearby Venice, Italy, is ideal, but there are also some disadvances. I will tell you more about these locations outside the historic center of Venice. 


First, it is good to know that Mestre is the city where you can quickly catch the train or bus to Venice, just 15 minutes. And Lido is the island where you can reach the heart of Venice by a vaporetto boat within minutes.

I prefer a hotel on the island of Lido because you can already breathe the atmosphere of Venice when you wake up each morning. You are already in the lagoon and can go smoothly with the vaporetto boat to st. Marc Square. Hotels in Lido are relatively cheaper and more romantic...

The hotel that I recommend regarding price/quality is Hotel Byron on Lido. But you can feel free to take another available hotel on the island. From Hotel Byron, you walk in 10 minutes to the vaporetto stop to go to Venice (15 minutes with the vaporetto boat).

It is good to buy a tourist travel card for a few days while staying on the island of Lido. You can travel unlimitedly between Venice and Lido by vaporetto boat, but also in the rest of the lagoon. This card is valid.

One major drawback with a hotel on Lido is that the transport from the airport to Lido is complicated and lengthy in duration... But as you read on my article there are plenty of alternatives. And transportation from and to Marco Polo Airport is comfortable with the Alilaguna boat. You have to take the red or the blue line.

Okay, thanks for this advice. But, my biggest desire is...

...Which Location is Cheaper; a Hotel Mestre or Lido?

A hotel in the town of Mestre is convenient if you have booked a hotel near the railway station of Mestre. The fastest and most accessible way to Venice is by train or bus. The train is cheap and good.

But the hotels at the station in Mestre are pretty expensive. If your hotel is not within walking distance of the train station, you need a local bus or a private hotel shuttle bus to Venice, which often costs money.

Your hotel in Mestre doesn’t have the peaceful setting as it is on the island of Lido. Mestre has a city environment, and hotels are sometimes nearby industrial places.

Lido has cheaper hotels, but traveling from Airport to Lido can be uncomfortable. Mestre is convenient when your hotel is near the train station, but the hotel rates are higher.

Mestre also has cheaper hotels on the outskirts of Mestre or Marghera. But, you have to transport by bus or a shuttle bus. 

I prefer and recommend a hotel on the island of Lido. Tips for sightseeing in Venice you can read it on my site ;-)...

My most extensive advice is to wander around in Venice, stop at a pretty square, drink your favorite drink, and search in advance for a good restaurant for the evening...

Take pictures in deserted alleys, posing on bridges, and maybe on a gondola ride. Visit on a non-busy time the Basilica San Marco and the Doge's Palace. If you have time, visit the islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello.
I wish you lots of fun and let me know how it was...

By Rudmer Hoekstra (author):

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You read about a hotel on Lido or in Mestre. There is plenty to explore. Read my site about Venice and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

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