Which are the best hotels outside Venice?
I will tell you the Benefits

Why do people sleep in hotels outside Venice? Because they think they save money?

I disagree because there are more disadvantages than advantages if you want to visit the city.

However, I will tell you the benefits.
I think the most significant advantage of hotels outside the city of Venice is that the restaurants around the hotels are cheaper than in Venice.

A hotel's performance outside Venice is better if you compare it on price & quality.

Hotels outside Venice - Continental TrevisoHotels outside Venice - Continental Treviso

Venice hotels are using often decorated old Venetian-style wallpaper and items of furniture. It can look creepy and vintage. However, hotels outside Venice can be modern, with plenty of parking.

Take the town of Treviso. It is 27 miles outside of Venice. This is a beautiful setting with a charming old center. From Treviso Airport to Treviso center you can take a taxi or bus no.6.

For example, Hotel Continental **** fares from € 60 - for a single room. The hotel is near the train station of Treviso; therefore, Venice is easy to reach. Book your stay now >

Also, explore the...

Hotels on the island of Lido

With a hotel on the island of Lido, you can use the long stretched beaches. Ideal if you go with kids and just want to be a day at the beach and a day wandering through Venice Italy. 

Hotel outside Venice on LidoHotel outside Venice on Lido

The roads and pavements on the island of Lido are more comprehensive, and everything is more spacious than in Venice. There are plenty of connections with vaporetto boats to the city of Venice. It takes 20 minutes to St. Mark's Square. 

Hotel on Lido? Only 2 minutes away from the beach, you have Hotel Byron ***. In August the fares are around € 130 - for a double room.

Another option is having your...

Hotels in Mestre and Marghera, outside Venice

Hotels outside Venice - MestreHotels outside Venice - Mestre

The city of Mestre has some pleasant streets and squares. But the urban feeling is strongly present. Moreover, honking traffic, crowds, and industry make it less appealing to me.

But sleeping in a hotel near the train station is okay. By train, you have easy access to Venice.

Very near the train station is the qualitative Best Western Hotel Bologna ****. With the train or bus, you have a fast connection to Venice. On average, the rates for a night's stay are € 130 - per night.

When traveling via airports near Venice, it is wise to sleep at...

Hotels Outside Venice near the Airport 

Hotels Outside Venice AirportHotels Outside Venice Airport

Did I write about it in my blog, searching for an airport hotel? I choose the Courtyard by Marriott ****.

This hotel is next to Marco Polo Airport. For this quality hotel, the rates for one room are, on average, € 110 - per night. There are plenty of transport options.

This hotel has its own shuttle service to Venice. Ideal!!!

In Venice there are charming hotels to find!

As I said, in my opinion, there are more disadvantages with hotels outside Venice compared to a hotel in Venice. It's just not the same as a hotel in the historical city of Venice. If you have doubts about the room rates, there are plenty of alternatives like; Bed & Breakfast, hostels, and apartments. Their quality is sufficient.

I do not recommend a ** star hotel in Venice. It is small, noisy and dirty. You have to prepare well; a reservation in advance will help your budget. With a hotel outside Venice, you must take into account:

  • the transportation costs to Venice and back to your hotel
  • the return trip at the end of the day is uncomfortable
  • You don't wake up in the huzzle and buzzle of the historic city of Venice
Venice Italy Best Holiday day

Transportation between a hotel outside Venice can add up to your budget, and you may realize that a hotel outside Venice isn't cheaper than a hotel in Venice. The tourist crowds leave the city, and you go with the flow. I think staying in Venice and wandering home to your sleeping place in Venice after you just enjoyed a nice dinner is the most convenient a traveler can have. 

I think it's good that you're going to immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings of Venice. After 21:00, it is quieter in the city, and the view is stunning. The same is true in the morning. Until 10:00, it is lovely to be in the city. The town is coming to life.

My tip; is to wake up at sunrise and go out to take great pictures. Or take a fresh cappuccino in the cafes that are already open. For example, I had my finest coffee early in the morning at Torrefazione Marchi.

You must realize; Venice has no traffic and no cyclists. So those sounds you do not hear. It is, therefore, charming and quieter than you think. Especially with children, because you do not have to keep them off the streets.

I understand if you want to avoid the tourist crowds with a hotel outside the city. But in Venice, there are neighborhoods and places where you can find charming hotels in quiet streets and quality rooms. So think again...

Book your charming hotel in Venice here >

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