Discover the Charm of Venice: Why Hotel al Vagon is Your Perfect Stay

When I was planning my trip to Venice for the marathon, finding the right accommodation was at the top of my priority list.

After a thorough search, I decided to book my stay at Hotel al Vagon, and I couldn't have been more pleased with my choice.

Here's why spending three nights at Hotel al Vagon was an excellent decision for me, and why you might consider it for your next trip to Venice.

Location, Location, Location

Hotel al Vagon is nestled in the heart of Venice, offering the perfect blend of accessibility and charm. While the start line of the Venice Marathon is located 2.5 miles outside the city, staying in the center was non-negotiable for me. I wanted the quintessential Venetian experience—gondola rides, historic architecture, and the vibrant atmosphere.

Hotel al Vagon's central location meant that I could soak up the city's magic right up until race day, and easily access public transportation to the marathon starting point.

An Enchanting Stay at Hotel al Vagon. Read my review...

Venice Italy Hotel al VagonI could have a picture with the owner (Maurizio La Faci)

From the moment I stepped into Hotel al Vagon, I was greeted with the unassuming charm that would define my stay. The reception area, simple yet welcoming, hinted at the Venetian elegance that lay beyond. To the right, a staircase led to the promise of a room with a view—my room, number 29, which became my haven overlooking the serene canal of Santi Apostoli.

Room 29 is touted as one of the hotel's premier accommodations, and for good reason. Unlike another spacious room that offers views of a quaint square in front of the hotel, Room 29 boasts a breathtaking panorama of the canal. It's a view that captures the essence of Venice, inviting you to lose yourself in its timeless beauty.

The room itself was a masterpiece of classic Venetian style, featuring a luxuriously king-sized bed poised beneath elegant draperies. The private bathroom was equipped with a modern shower, ensuring comfort and convenience.

For moments of relaxation, the satellite TV offered a wide range of international channels, while the ample space for luggage meant that my room remained a sanctuary of order and tranquility. The hotel's Wi-Fi connection was impressively reliable, allowing me to stay connected with ease throughout my stay.

The hospitality at Hotel al Vagon was nothing short of exceptional. The amiable staff at the front desk became familiar faces, offering a personal touch that made me feel right at home. The convenience of leaving my key with someone at the desk whenever I ventured out, coupled with the assurance of 24-hour service and secure access at night, added layers of comfort to my stay.

Hotels in Venice ItalyThis square in front of the hotel has on daytime and evening often a fruit cocktail stall! DELICIOUS…

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While the absence of breakfast service might be a drawback for some, I embraced the opportunity to explore Venice's culinary offerings.

The city's myriad cafes and bakeries, with their delightful array of morning treats, were a daily invitation to indulge in the local cuisine.

Review hotels Venice Italy

My stay coincided with the Venice Marathon, spanning from Friday until Monday, October 23 – October 26. The total cost of my 3-night sojourn was €432, a sum that reflected the hotel's exceptional value during one of Venice's bustling events.

For those curious about the cost of such a memorable experience, Hotel al Vagon awaits your booking. It's more than a place to stay; it's a doorway to the heart of Venice. Book Al Vagon here > 

In summary, Hotel al Vagon provided an idyllic retreat amid the excitement of the marathon and the exploration of Venice. The cleanliness of my room, the stunning canal view, and the hotel's prime location enabled me to immerse myself fully in the city's wonders. Dining in the superb local restaurants and bars only enhanced my experience, making every meal a discovery.

During the day, you will wander in Venice and explore the city. Such a hotel is very comfortable after a day of intensive Venice and a marathon. In my opinion, the price/quality ratio, therefore, is optimistic.

Directions to the Hotel

I took the Allilaguna boat from Marco Polo Airport to the Rialto; from there, it is a 7-minute walk to the hotel. Sounds simple, and I am experienced in Venice. But still, you can get lost in the narrow alleyways and crooked bridges and be impressed by the tourists.

Your Enchanting Route to Hotel al Vagon:

  1. Departure from Rialto: Alighting from the Alilaguna boat at Rialto, you're thrust into the heart of Venetian life. This is where your journey begins.
  2. Towards 'Campo S. Bortolomio': As you leave the bridge behind, aim for 'Campo S. Bortolomio', a lively square. The immediate left turn off the square marks the start of your quaint trek.
  3. Past the Department Store: Walking straight, you'll pass the department store. This modern retail oasis amidst ancient charm is hard to miss and serves as a landmark on your journey.
  4. Beside the Historic Fiaschetteria Toscana: Your path then leads you past the historic restaurant Fiaschetteria Toscana, a culinary institution in Venice. 
  5. Over the Bridge and Into History: Continuing straight, you'll cross another of Venice's picturesque bridges. 
  6. Arrival at a Charming Square: Your final steps bring you to a small, enchanting square. It's here, amidst the timeless beauty of Venice, that you'll find the welcoming sign of Hotel al Vagon on the left. 

Navigating through Venice's narrow alleyways and across its storied bridges is more than just a path to your hotel; it's an invitation to be swept away by the city's historic allure. And while the potential of getting lost among the tourists and the labyrinthine streets might seem daunting, technology like Google Maps ensures you can find your way while still basking in the wonder of exploration.

You've read about hotels in Venice. There is plenty to explore. Read my site and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

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