Why to sleep 3 nights in Hotel al Vagon

I booked Hotel al Vagon when I needed a good hotel when I joined the Venice Marathon.

One thing you have to prepare is breakfast. The hotel service doesn't serve food in this Hotel. Curious? Book Hotel Vagon here >

The start of the marathon is 2.5 miles outside Venice, but, for me was, a hotel in the center of Venice essential. The Hotel is relatively cheap and very comfortable.


What do I think about hotel al Vagon

Venice Italy Hotel al VagonI could have a picture with the owner (Maurizio La Faci)

When entering the hotel, you will see a simple reception and on the right the stairs. I had room 29 overlooking the canal 'Santi Apostoli. This is one of the largest rooms.

There is a spacious room, but the view is not as good as in room 29. You are overlooking a small square in front of the hotel in this room.

My room had a classic Venetian style with a king-sized bed, a private bathroom with a shower, satellite TV, and plenty of space for luggage. Handy is also the hotel's good Wi-Fi connection. I had no problem logging in.

The staff at the front desk were amiable. Whenever I went out, I left the key with somebody behind the front desk, and 24 hours a day, someone was present. At night, the door is locked, but by ringing the bell, they recognize you and let you inside.

Hotels in Venice ItalyThis square in front of the hotel has on daytime and evening often a fruit cocktail stall! DELICIOUS…

There is no breakfast at this hotel.

But I did not mind, because in Venice you can easily buy your own breakfast in the morning or in the evening before bedtime.

Review hotels Venice Italy

I had a 3-night stay, and my fare was, in total, € 432 -. This was during the Venice Marathon from Friday until Monday, October 23 – October 26.

Curious about your total hotel spending? Book Al Vagon here > 

All summarized, it has been an excellent hotel. The hotel room was clean, I had a canal view, and the location was ideal. I could explore everything around Rialto and eat in the fantastic restaurants/bars in the area.

During the day, you will wander in Venice and explore the city. Such a hotel is very comfortable after a day of intensive Venice and a marathon. In my opinion, the price/quality ratio, therefore, is optimistic.

Directions to the Hotel

I took the Allilaguna boat from Marco Polo Airport to the Rialto; from there, it is a 7-minute walk to the hotel. Sounds simple, and I am experienced in Venice. But still, you can get lost in the narrow alleyways and crooked bridges and be impressed by the tourists.

Route Hotel venice Italy

Eventually, I could find my way on Google Maps. As follows:

  • Get off at Rialto ->
  • From the bridge, walk towards 'Campo S. Bortolomio' ->
  • Immediate left on the square ->
  • Walk straight past the department store "Coin" ->
  • On the left, you have the historic restaurant Fiaschetteria Toscana ->
  • Continue the route straight and get over the bridge ->
  • Arriving at the small square and on the left, you see the sign with all Hotel Vagon.

Read more details about al Vagon and book it right away!

By Rudmer Hoekstra (author):

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