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Hotel Venice Italy Bauer

And I...? Already two years ago, I spend the night at the luxury Bauer II Palazzo Hotel.

This was really great with lots of comfort. And the view on the terrace was something to remember.

Ah, memories that I like to share with you. But, now I turn it around. How was your experience? Did you had the privilege to stay in a luxury hotel in Venice Italy?

Great! Now only you have to do is...

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Hotel Venice Italy Gritti

So, which hotel will receive the best review? This is not always a luxury sleeping place in a Venice 5-star hotel.

But I’m curious, did you sleep in this kind of hotel? Like the Gritti Palace or any of the other good quality hotel Venice Italy?

I like to hear it. And I'm sure that other visitors to my site will be very grateful.

And let's face it ... There's nothing more fun to talk about your experience in such a romantic city…

Maybe you're on honeymoon? And maybe you've had horrible nights at the hotel. Or do the Italian people ask way too much for a hotel stay in Venice? The hotels are in fact very expensive in Venice. One of the most expensive cities in Europe is Venice.

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