How do I behave in Venice?
20 Sustainable tips for tourism in Venice

Does tourism turn Venice into an amusement park? Venice is threatened by too many tourists. Locals get annoyed and leave. Land prices continue to rise and are bought up by foreign investors who build hotels there.

Do you think something can be done about this? Venice has been a European attraction for years. And there is no point in putting up access gates. Tourism keeps coming to Venice. My advice is to be aware of your trip to Venice and make it sustainable and responsible.

20 Tips for Better Tourism in Venice

Tourism in Venice

As tourists flock in droves, the question arises: how can we preserve this unique city and prevent it from becoming a simple amusement park? Here are 28 tips to contribute to a liveable and sustainable Venice.

1. Respect the Local Culture: Immerse yourself in Venetian culture and customs. Respect local traditions and ways of life. Wear dignified clothing, don't stop on bridges, and put down your backpack when on the water bus. Tourism Venice must behave with respect. This includes not being allowed to picnic on the quays and at important sights.

2. Choose Sustainable Accommodations: Stay in eco-friendly hotels or hostels that promote environmental awareness, such as Hotel Villa Serena (7km Venice). They have a Green Star certificate. The accommodations are committed to sustainability.

3. Avoid Crowded Places: Seek out lesser-known, quieter areas of the city to avoid crowds.

Venice Tourism

4. Support Local Businesses: Buy from local shops and eat at restaurants owned by Venetians. While dining, choose local specialties and enjoy seasonal dishes with products from the Veneto region.

5: Always use collective public transport in and around Venice: Public transport in the city is easy and efficient. Or else go around the city on foot. A lot of tourism in Venice already does this. Buy your public transport day tickets here >

6. Limit your Footprint: Reduce waste using reusable water bottles and bags. Drink tap water or the many drinking fountains instead of bottled water. This is safe, cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and produces no waste. Water is precious! Please don't waste it. Respect the city by helping to keep it clean: don't throw trash on the ground or in the water.

7. Avoid Feeding Pigeons: This can cause damage to monuments and is against local law.

8. Be Respectful in Churches and Holy Places: Wear appropriate clothing and behave respectfully.

9. Plan your visit Outside of high season: Consider visiting during less busy periods to reduce overtourism.

10. Explore On Foot: Explore the city on foot to experience Venice's hidden gems.

11. Participate in Ecological Initiatives: Participate in local cleanups or other sustainable initiatives.

12. Avoid Illegal Street Trading: Do not buy products from illegal street vendors who often offer counterfeit goods. These practices are unlawful! You risk a fine of up to 7,000 euros + the seizure of the goods.

13. Be Cautious When Taking Photographs: Respect residents' privacy when taking photos.

14. Learn and Share: Learn about the challenges of Venice and share this knowledge with others.

15. Choose less polluting means of transport - such as the train or tram - to reach Venice. 

16. If you want a taxi, only use the certified taxis. Always ask the rate first. Are you going to the airport or from the airport to Venice? Book a taxi cheaply and safely here >

17. Plan & book your trip to Venice in advance. Choose to visit the city at a time when there are fewer tourists. Buy your flight tickets in advance via KLM. Just online. Cheap flights to Marco Polo Airport run several times a day. So easy.

18. Use a map and guidebook of the city. Venice is not just St. Mark's Square or Rialto. The city is fun if you take the routes no one else carries. This is the best way to discover Venice. 

19: When high tide comes, the exceptionally high tides are announced by a siren. Read more about this alarm >

20: Your experience is fundamental: Share your suggestion with me to improve the environment in Venice.

Following these tips will help preserve Venice's rich history and culture for future generations. Let's work together to keep Venice a living city, not just a tourist destination.

A unique city but also highly vulnerable. The purpose of taxation is to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of the Venetian territory. I was hoping you could read my article about the tourist tax in Venice here >

By Rudmer Hoekstra (author):

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