Venice transportation by car. Is that possible? And what is the best route?
And where should you Park?

By Rudmer Hoekstra (author):

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No worries. I understand why you want Venice transportation by car. I remember it well. Auto fully loaded with baggage—children in the back. Leaving in the evening, and our dinner just finished. And go!

It's possible to do this kind of Venice transportation! And I will tell you how. It was great. In total, I had three ladies in the back of the car and one next to me. And a man - like me - has to show himself. "I will continue to drive the whole route long," I said. Stop every 2 hours. But when the small children are asleep and those two other adults, I keep driving.

I was full of energy. To go in a car is exciting. Venice transportation with auto goes from the Netherlands, via Germany on the A3 to Innsbruck in Austria. Exhausting late into the night. With the plan that we would arrive in Venice at 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Park the car near Venice and then make sure to relax in the mobile home at the campsite around check-in time at 3:00 p.m.

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I made it. I drove everything alone. But full of enthusiasm. I decided to check first that we could already go to the campsite. In any case, with the idea of ​​parking the car cheaper and getting rid of the luggage. The plan was to take the ferry directly from Venice to Punta Sabbioni.

Looked forward to have a car ferry. Unfortunately, it did not work. The ferry has been banned from service. Then just take a detour by car from Venice to Punta Sabbioni. Usually, this will be 40 minutes extra drive...

But what does such a peninsula have with the water on both sides? Right, one main road. And there are numerous campsites in the area of Punta Sabbioni. In high season it is super busy with tourists who also used this Venice transportation by car.

We weren't even at the peninsula yet, and then the traffic jam already started. Hot, exhausted, we went to Camping Marina di Venezia.

It all ends well. We had our Venice transportation by car and arrived safely at our destination.

So you can really go by car. In fact, there are...

...3 good routes Venice Transportation by car

Option 1: The route I took with my family from the Netherlands takes about 13 hours and 33 minutes from Utrecht. Via the A3 through Germany (Düsseldorf, Frankfurt) towards Stuttgart and at Innsbruck across the border to Austria. Then you cross the border to Italy through the beautiful Brenner Pass. Continue all the way to Verona and then follow the signs to Padua and Venezia.

Option 2This route does not take you through the Brenner Pass but through Switzerland. Which is also fantastic. And in terms of route time with Venice transportation by car, it is about the same as option 1.

You also go through Germany via the A3 but do not drive all the way to Stuttgart. You make sure you stay on the A5 after Heidelberg until you reach Basel in Switzerland.

In Switzerland, you have to make sure you get on the A2. You have to follow this all the way to Milan in Italy. From here, take the A4 toll road towards Verona and continue on to Padua and Venezia.

Option 3This is the longest route, but very special. The journey takes about 14 hours without stopping. If you have many countries on your bucket list to visit, you must do this route.

You cross 5 different countries. Via Antwerp, Brussels, you go to Luxembourg. From this country, you go via Metz and Strasbourg in France to Basel in Switzerland. Then you continue the route as in option 2. 

And if you decided on Venice transportation by car...

...Where should you Park in Venice?

Venice Transportation Parking

Most people will have a camping or other place to stay near Venice to park the car. So that is your best option to park the car there and visit Venice by public transport.

But do you just want to visit Venice for a day or perhaps several nights and then drive to another place? Then it is best to read the information on my page about parking in Venice.

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