Torcello Venice | The Island of Torcello. You don't have to find out how to get there. I wrote it down for you.

Visit Venice's original settlement 'Torcello.' Escape the Venice crowds with a ferry ride over the vast expanse of the lagoon to this peaceful and lush island.

A reward for those who visit this laid-back island. So are you ready for it? I found a nice vaporetto boat trip from Venice to these islands

Arriving on this small island, you must walk along the canal from the landing platform. It felt like entering a nature park. The cloudy weather made it even more mysterious.

I enjoyed the peace and silence of this almost empty island. It was in April and still early in the season. Maybe there were only 15 tourists on the island. Restaurant Locande Cipriani was open. The old bell tower and the basilica were waiting for me.

Torcello Venice Italy

How to get there at the Torcello island

Torcello Boat station

To get there, you take the LN route "Laguna Nord": Several boats operate on this route to reach these islands.
You take line 12: From the Fondamenta Nove station in Venice. This line runs with vaporetto boats to Murano-Burano-Treporti-Punta Sabbioni.

Take off at Burano and change to vaporetto line 9, 'Torcello.' (The boat runs twice an hour in both directions during the day.) From Venice, it's a beautiful 60-minute ferry ride.

Torcello Venice | The LN route is wheelchair-accessible. I took the LN route from S. Zaccaria station (near San Marco); this is also possible.

You have to choose for yourself, but there are truly unique and well-organized trips to the islands. And as I wrote before, it's an excellent alternative to escape the city and find the peace you seek. You can book these trips here:

  • Torcello is one of the top Things to do in Venice. It has the best way of doing "different" activities. Therefore I advise you to take a trip to this island. Are you wondering which other top-rated activities are there to go to Murano, Burano, and Torcello islands? Check these top activities in the Venetian Lagoon to hop on an island like Torcello. 
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Dinner on a ship - Evening out - VeniceDinner on a ship - Evening out - Venice

History of the island Torcello

From the 5th century, mainlanders fleeing invading Lombards and Huns ventured across tidal flats. They found a settlement that grew to 20.000 and lasted 1.000 years.

However, a few clues to the past remain, as the canals silted up, malaria decimated the population, and the power base shifted to Venice once and for all. Today the small island is the home to a handful of gardeners and fishers.

Things to see on the island

Torcello mosaics basilica

You see some of the most breathtaking Byzantine mosaics in the world you can find in the lagoon’s oldest building. This building is the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, founded in 639.

The basilica has a decoration of mosaics, and a 13th-century mosaic shows the Virgin in a blue robe with gold fringing, cradling her radiant child in a moderate stance.

Look from the simple 55m (180ft) Campanile (bell tower). You will have a range over the vast expanse of the lagoon. On clear winter days, you can see the north of the Alps. The marble armchair is one of the first objects in front of the basilica. By popular belief, this was the throne of Atilla, the king of the Huns. However, historical sources claim it was for the island’s magistrates.

Restaurant on the island

Locanda Cipriani: A nice restaurant and a favorite of Ernest Hemingway, who stayed here in 1948. The quiet charm of this guest house has attracted VIPs since it opened in 1938.

Locanda Cipriani overlooks a garden, and you can explore the island after the daytrippers have left. You will find this restaurant at the end of the central canal. For more information, go to their Locanda Cipriani >

Discover the northern lagoon:


  1. Buy a Laguna Nord (LN) day ticket.
  2. Take a vaporetto to Murano to watch a glassmaking demonstration at a furnace.
  3. Walk next to Murano's Grand Canal towards the Faro (light-house) vaporetto landing place.

It's a beautiful place to enjoy a cup of coffee. Next, take a ferry to Burano. Finally, eat lunch at DA Romano Restaurant.

Northern Lagoon Route Enlarge


  1. Pop over to Torcello by ferry for the mosaics in the basilica.
  2. Climb the ancient bell tower for unbeatable views of the lagoon and the mountains.
  3. Return to the water on a ferry via Burano south past low-lying islands and tidal flats.

The boat takes you further to Punta Sabbioni, where a stopover is feasible for a drink on the jetty. Finally, end the day cruising across the broad lagoon mouth via the Lido back to Piazza San Marco.

Why you should visit the island in short:

Torcello is a small Venetian Lagoon island 10 kilometers northeast of Venice, Italy. It is known for its historic architecture, peaceful atmosphere, and natural beauty.

One of the main attractions on Torcello is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which dates back to the 7th century. The cathedral is home to beautiful Byzantine mosaics, including a famous depiction of the Last Judgment. Visitors can also climb the bell tower for a stunning view of the island and the lagoon.

Another must-see attraction on Torcello is the Church of Santa Fosca, one of the lagoon's oldest surviving churches. The church features a circular shape and unique architectural details, including 12 columns representing the apostles.

In addition to its historic sites, Torcello is also a great place to enjoy nature and the outdoors. The island has a network of walking paths and trails that allow visitors to explore the lagoon's natural beauty. You can also rent a bike or kayak to explore the island at your own pace.

Overall, Torcello is a peaceful and beautiful destination that offers a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the Venetian Lagoon.

There is plenty to explore as you see. Discover Venice on my site and get more information about this beautiful city.

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