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Venice Italy has one of the busiest waterways around the world. This waterway is the Grand Canal of Venice. The grand canal with beautiful palaces and architecture. And at the end of the canal, you can see the Basilica of San Marco... Busy Vaporetto (water buses) like vaporetto no. 1 and Vaporetto no. 2 depart here to transport travelers across the Grand Canal.

What activities do you have on the Grand Canal and can you book directly?

It is the most beautiful route in the world on a boat. Depending on which vaporetto line the way on the grand canal takes about 45 minutes. 

From the starting point of Piazzale Roma, you start your journey with the vaporetto over the Grand Canal in Venice. The best place is to sit outside in the back in the vaporetto where you have an open space to look around and enjoy the trip to San Marco Square.

Of course, you can take the vaporetto boat line no. 1 or 2. Sit and layback to enjoy the canal scenery. But, what do you think about...

A tour on the Grand Canal of Venice in a water taxi!

What you can do is a tour on the Grand Canal. Because I have a partnership with Tiqets.com (they have a helpdesk for questions) I have special tickets for a tour on the Grand Canal.

Get on the boat and get a personal explanation of the palaces and sights. Very special for the best cheapest price.

The tour includes:

  • In a private water taxi!
  • Spectacular views of beautiful palaces during a 60-minute boat trip over the Grand Canal (and some smaller Venice channels)
  • Listen to the history of La Serenissima thanks to the friendly English guide, and learn why (and how) everything is built on water
  • Take great pictures of beautiful Venice from the best places the city has to offer: from a boat on the water!

You can pay directly with your credit card. Then you will immediately receive the tickets to use them on your mobile phone. If you book it in Venice, you can join the tour the same day! Here you can book the online tickets >

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The Grand Canal is 3.5 km (2,3 miles) long and is Venice's main route. With about 300 buildings important to the history of Venice.

Here, traders and merchants have been active for centuries. The palazzo's for trading purpose and every house has its elegant appearance.

The buildings are from the period 12th to 18th century. You will see the different styles in the palazzo buildings.

From Piazzale Roma, the first bridge is the most recent bridge over the Grand Canal; Ponte di Calatrava (2008).

With the vaporetto boat, you will travel along the Rialto Market and under the Rialto Bridge. From here the Vaporetto continues to Palazzo Grimani and Palazzo Grassi. In one of these palaces is a beautiful museum of modern art.

Slowly you go under the Accademia BridgeThis bridge is the wooden bridge connecting the San Marco district to the Dorsoduro district. The Grand Canal of Venice will end in an extensive waterway with a broader view.  You can see the island of San Giorgi Maggiore, Giudecca Island and perhaps the island of Lido. You have arrived at San Marco Square and get off at the San Marco Vallaresso stop.

If you have time, you have to get out the vaporetto and discover Venice on both sides of the canal. Nice to know is that Vaporetto Line no. 1 stops at each stop on either side of the Grand Canal. If you forget to get off, do not give it much attention. The next stop is close by... 

These are the main vaporetto stops from Piazzale Roma to San Marco Square: 

  • Piazzale Roma (the last point where you can get to Venice by car and where you arrive by bus)
  • Ferrovia (for Santa Lucia train station in Venice)
  • Riva di Biasio
  • San Marcuola
  • San Stae
  • Ca 'd'Oro
  • Rialto Mercato (Rialto Market)
  • Rialto (Rialto Bridge)
  • San Silvestro
  • Sant'Angelo
  • San Tomá
  • Ca 'Rezzonico
  • San Samuele
  • Accademia
  • Giglio
  • Salute
  • San Marco Vallaresso

Already on the boat or in Venice? You can always reach out to...

More information about the Grand Canal of Venice

Near the Doge palace and at the Piazzale Roma there is an information desk where you can get information, tickets, and maps of the Venice‘s sights. 

There is also information about the buildings on the quays of the Grand Canal. Along the Grand Canal, there are about 50 Pallazzo's, six churches and you will cruise under the Rialto Bridge! 

Tip: There are fun and affordable activities that you can do on the Grand Canal. You can book directly:

Do you want more background information about the construction and maintenance of Venice? Check out this great website www.venicebackstage.org >

Or book a tour of the Grand Canal and enjoy making fantastic photo moments in a water taxi.

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