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The Rialto Bridge is called in Italian the ‘Ponte di Rialto’! A wonderful design. It’s huge… It is 48 meters long and 7.5 meters wide and such an old bridge. The bridge is the important crossover between the San Polo district and the San Marco district.

Nowadays, you can find advertisements on the Rialto and many time they are maintaining the construction. Sponsors are offering money to maintain the bridge in exchange to put an ad on the Rialto.

And every tourist who is looking at the bridge sees ‘advertising'... But, Venetians are relieved that the bridge is being restored with these funds.

Take the vaporetto boat from Piazzale Roma, then go under the bridge to San Marco Square. At sunset, it becomes busy with tourists on the Ponte di Rialto.

You get a fantastic view with the sun on the palazzo's facades and the sparkle on the water. You can stay on the bridge for hours.

But I advise to watch the sunrise in the morning. This sunrise is really the most beautiful!!! Do you know why? No tourists, no noise,,, and the sky is the brightest... The picture below was taken in August at an early morning at 6:00 am from the Bridge. So, romantic… It's beautiful...

The Rialto Bridge with its long history…

It is one of the most famous Venetian constructions. It is both a pedestrian bridge and a viewpoint over the Grand Canal.

The bridge has a wide surface. This is mainly due to the design because it was an extended street of the famous Rialto Market.

On the slopes of the bridge there are old market stalls. These tiny market shops are still in use. In the past, it was a busy bridge with merchants from the Rialto market, now it's a tourist attraction with lots of selfie sticks and tourists...

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Antonio da Ponte is the creator of this important bridge over the Grand Canal. The bridge was made of stone in 1591, before it was made of wood.

This can be seen on the painting of the Venetian artist 'Carpaccio' from 1496. It is the oldest of the four bridges that cross the Grand Canal.

Ever since its existence, the bridge has blown up a lot of dust and discussions.

When it was of wood it has been burned several times. And with the reconstruction in stone there was not enough money. The bridge then cost 250,000 gold ducats to build. They then got this together, but many Venetian were against the design and said it was clear that the construction would fail.

The Bridge was instable due the quays. But until now, the design holds stand. Nowadays it is seriously under construction (by sponsored money) most of the year. Some Venetians are relieved that the bridge is finally restored. Others find that the bridge still has a terrible design and construction.

By Rudmer Hoekstra (author):

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