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Here you can find coach holidays to Venice from other Italian cities. An escorted bus with the best guides available. Above all, on the tours, you have a lot of free time to discover the city of Venice!

Please choose one of the below coach tours. Well-organized trips from and to Venice. Sightseeing in Verona or the Veneto area. Have fun and pick your best holiday around Venice.

Coach Holidays in Italy with the Highlights in Venice! 

From Milan, a Coach Tour to Venice and Verona: This is a 1-day tour with cultural specialties and knowledge of the English-speaking guide.

It's great to visit the most romantic cities in the world; Verona and Venice. This bus tour includes transport and a well-known local guide.

Experience the Venice La Serenissima and the love story between Romeo and Juliet.

You will cover a total distance of approx 280 km (174 miles). So, if you want to know the details about these cities?

You can book this coach tour and guided day trip. But first, make a reservation with the booking form. And check if your seat is still available.

Visit from Florence to Venice. In One Day: Guided Tour From Florence 

The Italian Dream: One of the cheapest coach tours on my list. You can book it from out in Italy or even in the city of Florence.

It's just an one day (14 hours) tour. This is your opportunity to visit also the city of love, Venice. Your coach holiday tour starts in Florence at Piazzale Montelungo Bus Terminal. This bus tour is a roundtrip journey by a fully-fitted luxury coach.

Visiting Venice with a local guide is enjoyable. You can absorb all the historical information. At the same time, you will have free time to walk along the canal, gondolas, and narrow alleys.

This coach holiday tour from Florence includes glassblowing demonstration, an expert guide, transport, and more! Make a reservation in the booking form > 

Coach Tour from Lake Garda: Traveling with a coach to Venice from Lake Garda has one unique thing! The well-informed guide during your tour makes the difference.

When you take this cultural coach tour, you can enjoy this personal guide's knowledge. A 1-day holiday tour from Lake Garda to Venice.

This package includes a private boat to the San Marco in Venice, an expert guide, headphones during the tour, and transport. Make a reservation >

Thanks for the well-organized coach holiday tours, but I'm not yet convinced. Please tell me...

...Why Travel by Coach + Guide to Venice Italy

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Reflecting on my first coach holiday in Italy, I maintained some doubts. First, I want to go my own way and discover beautiful sites in Italy and Venice. But, on most coach tours, you have more free time than you think.

And the most important reason which I learned afterward is the educational and efficient way of traveling. You will learn a lot about culture and history in such a short period. You will see beautiful scenery you were not planning to visit when traveling alone.

So, please show me your...

...Advantages when traveling with a coach to Venice:

  • A coach holiday is an easy and fantastic way to visit Venice. At the same time, you sit back, relax and take in your surroundings with everything taken care of for you.
  • Your holiday is with experienced drivers/crews and expert guides.
  • A great selection of excursions to choose from, inclusive visits to Venice, and exciting and varied tour itineraries
  • Everything is taken care of, so you don’t have to think about a thing.
  • Local guides to provide knowledge and expertise
  • The beauty of joining a fully escorted coach tour is that without having to plan, research, organize or navigate. On board your luxury coach, you will be taken to all the right places in an incredibly relaxing environment. 

For my bookings, I’m using They have some fabulous tours in the whole of Europe and they are well qualified to arrange the best visit to my beloved city ‘Venice’. 

Why book with 

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Safely book online
  • A secure connection securely protects all your details
  • 400 tours in Venice
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • Travelers who went to Venice with verified reviews.

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