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I have selected Venice discount tours. I share this with you because I'm passionate about Venice, Italy. Mostly I'm waiting for the discount to come and then I will book it.

Preferably I will book a long weekend (4 days) in a beautiful romantic hotel next to a canal. Discover the city from a gondola, walk through the alleyways and stand on the many bridges.

But, you also want to take some tours with a well-experienced guide. I have selected three offers with trips to Venice and from Venice. 

First, when you are in Europe, use these cheap and comfortable Train Tickets & Rail Passes; use the train to Venice and get discounts. 

Okay, could you show me the...


1 Venice: Countryside Bike Tour: Want to do something unusual in Venice?

Discount tour Venice

Book a Bicycle Tour. I was surprised that it was possible, but you can schedule a bike tour in Venice. You go with a guide to Lido and much more places.

It is indeed an excellent activity in Venice. Buy this incredible Venice discount and take a bicycle tour to enjoy the Veneto landscape!

Fan of the bicycle? What about a hidden gem? Book an Bicycle Tour on Lido… Everybody recommends this tour, and it has an excellent score on. The price has at this moment a high discount. 

2. Discount on River & Lagoon Cruise: Ever did a River Cruise in Venice ? 

Go with your family and visit the hidden gems in and around Venice, Italy. See for more info >

This full-day tour includes a visit to several villas and a guide to separate excursions.

  • Cruise from Venice to Padua on a full-day trip
  • See more than 70 villas from the river and tour 3 of them
  • Learn about the art, history, and nature of the area

While relaxing, you can watch the beautiful landscape from your river cruise. The whole year long you can book this discount in Venice. Book quickly! Book this offer now >

3. Getaway discount CITY TRIP to Verona: This is my cheapest package deal to discover Venice! 

Book Trip Venice

Be flexible and book this one-day Venice Getaway with your lover, friend, or girlfriend. In one day, you can ultimately go up to Verona. Click for more information > 

This Venice discount is a city trip how it should be. The package includes a guide, headsets, and transport. 

The guide can pick you up at the train station in Verona and take you on tour through Verona. Your local host will welcome you with a warm smile and a set of materials to familiarize you with the city. 

This discount for 1-day tour in Verona is now €280.-. Book this trip to Verona >

But you can do it differently. You can...

...Make your own Discount Deal

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Do you want to surprise your partner? Eat together in good Italian restaurants, Venetian Cicchetti (tapas) with a bottle of wine from the Veneto. But, are you waiting for a cheap trip to Venice?

My advice is not to wait for an offer. Know that European discounter RyanAir is flying to Treviso Airport from many European airports.

With a connecting bus shuttle, you are in one hour at your Venice destination.

Discount Venice Getaway

And your accommodation? A cheap hotel or a B & B? Everything you can arrange yourself. And you can filter it by price or location.

And check these tour with or which you can book on your own. Anytime anywhere! Arrange your package! That's how you're in control.

Our Venice discount tips for a city trip in Venice

How long do you need to visit Venice? To discover all the beauty of Venice and take in the city, you need at least 3 or 4 days. 1 night is not enough to get to know the city well. Therefore always opt for a minimum of 2 or 3 nights if you make a city trip to Venice!

Do you like classical music? Then attend an intimate concert of Vivaldi's Four Seasons at the Chiesa di San Vali, a unique experience! Get Venice discount tickets for classical music >

The immensely wealthy art collector Peggy Guggenheim introduced traditional Catholic Venice to stunning, modern art in the last century and caused a whirlwind in the city. Today you can still admire these works of art, which set so many tongues in her former home on the Grand Canal at the Guggenheim Museum. Get Peggy Guggenheim discount tickets >

How long is the transfer time from the airport to Venice? From Venice airport (VCE), you can be in Venice in about 20 minutes (taxi) to half an hour (train) and 30 minutes with the Alilaguna boat. Please note that the center is car-free and the taxi cannot take you to the exact destination. But a water taxi from the airport is possible and can probably bring you directly to the hotel. From Treviso Airport, you can be in Venice in about 40 minutes (taxi) to 1 hour (public transport). ATVO shuttle bus >

How is public transport in Venice? Public transport is perfectly organized in Venice. Many slow and express trains run from the station on the edge of the center. In the center, you can use the water taxi and the vaporetto (the water bus), which can take you everywhere. Get the public transport tickets >

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